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Evga 55nm GTX 260s are here & you can buy them now.

Christmas is over and I found two 55nm presents sitting in our Newegg parser. I ripped off the metaphorical wrapping paper and found the 55nm Evga GTX 260 for $254.99 and the 55nm GTX 260 Superclocked for $264.99. Intrigued, I went to Evga's website where I discovered the product pages for both of these bad boyz.

It appears to be using the same GT200b chip that the GTX 295 will use, only with 216 shader prcoessors, 72 texture units and a higher shader clock (1,350 vs 1,242). The only thing I don't really get is what the hell Evga put on the sticker for these cards. It is some sort of object that has some blue flame coming out of it. Maybe it's a piston or something?

UPDATE: The SSC version (675/1,350/2,304) page is up and it is available from Evga for $289.99.

Evga GTX 260 55nm

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