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Even I am not sure what will happen to this site in the future.

I will attempt to share what I do know with anyone who is reading this.

A long time ago Mike Thomas (this site's creator) passed over the keys to this site to me and my friend Don Hiles. What he was not willing to give us was the domain name, which I understand because there is some value attached to it. Since the site is still here I guess that means that he is still paying to keep the site hosted. I don't know anything about website coding, hosting or the expiration of domain name registries because I really lack the drive to learn about it. I leave matters like that to Don Hiles.

The last I heard, Don is still working on trying to improve and fix this site with the assistance of a few people. I am not sure how much progress has been made and I am not sure if this site will ever come back to life in a meaningful way. I will ask Don to write up a progress report so that I can post it here on the site.

Also, due to my neglect this site's forums became COMPLETELY overrun with spammers a long time ago. When I finally noticed how bad it was, I disabled posting from anyone but me (because all the forum mods and regulars were gone and the only people posting were spammers) and I tried to get rid of all the spam posts while also banning the IP addresses of each spammer account. Well each spammer account had so many posts that when I tried to delete all the posts from a single account the deleting process would run for a minute or two and then it would crash because there were too many posts to delete. Personally I think that the forums as they are now should be nuked from orbit after I try to save the really old on topic threads that still exist.

If Don and his team end up succeeding in bringing this site back to life, I will probably start posting news and adding new video cards to the database. Wouldn't that be something?

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