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Early BFG, Evga & XFX GTX 280 & GTX 260 buyers can get cash back!

This news is sure to be great for some and lousy for others. If you purchased an XFX GTX 280 or GTX 260 between June 16, 2008 and July 11, 2008 you can give your info to XFX and you will receive up to $120 in cash from XFX. The offer is good in the US and Canada and from the looks of this picture, purchases from the most popular e-tailers are definitely honored. I hope you all have your online receipts still available! So... hurray for all you XFX customers out there!

To the rest of you, I feel your pain. I was fine with my decision to not return my card to Newegg for cash and then buy the same card. I did not want to be without a PC for a few days and it just was not worth it for me. Now that one company has done something so awesome, I feel nothing but hate towards Evga for not doing the same! Who knows... maybe Evga will feel some pressure to do the same thing for their customers. People are always saying how great Evga is, now they need to step up and prove it!

Here's a thread on Evga's forums asking if Evga will do the same.


aliquidparadigm brought it to my attention that Evga has a program open now as well! Hurray for me and the other Evga early adopters! Evga GTX 280 buyers can get up to $150 in store Evga credit or $125 in cash:

  • EVGA GTX 260 you will receive $75.00 in EVGA Bucks* or $60.00 Cash Back**
  • EVGA GTX 280 you will receive $150.00 in EVGA Bucks* or $125.00 Cash Back**

So, should we get the Evga bucks or cash? It depends on if the prices in Evga's store are within $25 ($15 for the GTX 260 buyers) of the Newegg price.


Price chart.

There you have it folks! $125 at Newegg or other stores will buy you more than $150 at Evga's store. So looks like I will have an extra $125 in my piggy bank pretty soon. I am all smiles.

UPDATE 2: The Updatening

BFG has a similar program in the works as well. BFG has the longest time period specified in their terms so far, June 16th to July 16th. I hope they are not giving cash back to people who bought their cards at the lowered price between July 6th and July 16th. Also, BFG is offering their customers a $50 price reduction on the purchase of a 2nd GTX 200 card to complete an SLI setup! That is pimp supreme!

Also, for qualified customers, BFG will offer $50 off the purchase of a second GTX 200 series card of the same model you already have to help complete your SLI system.

A BFG representative is answering customer questions in this thread. The questions pertain to Eurpoean and trade-up purchases.

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