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Customer service kudos.

[H]ard|Forum member Stanley Pain RMAed his BFG 8800 GTX and received a 1GB 9800 GT OC in exchange. He wasn't quite sure this was an equal trade so he decided to ask his [H]ard|Forum brethren. A person named Crosshairs then posted a comparison link from GPUReview.com (Thanks man!) to illustrate the bandwidth and pixel fill rate differences between the two cards.

What happened then you ask? Well Jeff.Kozlowski, the [H]ard|Forum BFG Support rep stepped in to turn Stanley's frown upside down:


OP - I believe that you were sent the wrong card by mistake. The replacement card should not have been the 9800 GT 1GB. I can look into why that happened, but in the meantime can you send me your contact information and RMA number via PM so I can get this taken care of for you?

BFG love.
Jeff fulfilled his promise by hooking Stanley up with a 1GB GTS 250, which is actually a small step up from his 8800 GTX. As I said in the thread, "This is why BFG deserves its place at the top of American video card manufacturers". If you guys come across any stories like this (a company's customer support really going above and beyond) please let us know about them. They deserve to be recognized for their commitment.

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