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Crysis 2's DirectX 11 patch in now available!

The super futuristic shooting game is now ready to rock the graphics technology of the present! Like many of you, I managed to buy Crysis 2 without realizing that it did not feature DirectX 11 support. I thought it was implied for some reason. When Crysis came out it featured all the latest graphics technology (like DirectX 10) so I was very surprised when Crysis 2 came out with cutting edge DirectX 9c sweetness!

Well now everything is all better because the DirectX 11 patch is ready for download! Which means I will acutally install the game, install the patch and then give it a go.


The fellas at [H]ard|OCP have managed to install the DirectX 11 and high-res texture patches after 4.5 hours of error messages and failures. They finally came up with a convoluted 10 step procedure that will allow the patches to be installed. Clicky the link for screenshots and the 10 step install procedure.

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