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Coupon Madness sale over at Newegg!

Newegg is having a huge coupon code sale right now with savings from 10-20% off many different types of computer hardware and some software. To be able to use the coupon codes you need to be an e-blast insider. If you are not an e-blast insider you can sign up for free at the top of this page.

These coupon codes will last for 48 hours or until the funds behind the sale run out so make sure to buy the things you need as soon as possible.

Here are some of the really nice deals:

This Corsair 430 Watt 80+ Certified Power Supply is $36.99 with Free Shipping and you get a $20 pre-paid card in the mail! That's an excellent quality 430 Watt PSU for only $16.99! This PSU has an automatic $8 promo code on it already and you can't use the sale promo code on it.

Promo code EMCNGNJ22 takes 15% off all Corsair PSUs:


Promo code EMCNGNJ28 takes 15% off all CD/DVD burners:


Promo code EMCNGNJ24 takes 20% off all case fans, computer cables and fan controllers:

  • This 200mm Cooler Master fan comes with blue or red LEDs and it is only $19.99 with Free Shipping and it comes with a $10MIR! This item has a volume discount (starting at 2) as well, so the more you buy they more you save!
  • This highly rated (5 eggs and 954 reviews) 120mm Scythe fan is only $10.39 with Free Shipping. It also has a volume discount that kicks in if you buy two.
  • If you think your video card(s) could use some extra cooling, this PCI slot fan from AOC could do the trick for only $6.39 with Free Shipping. It also has a volume discount that kicks in if you buy two.
  • To control those fans you can use this Nzxt five fan controller for only $19.99 with Free Shipping. This unit has sliders so that you won't have any knobs sticking out of the front of your case.
  • If touch screen controls are more your speed then you can get this Nzxt touch screen five fan controller for exact same price! $19.99 with Free Shipping.
  • If you need some more connectivity ports on the front of your machine, then this Silverstone USB/Firewire/Audio 3.4" panel can be yours for only $15.99 with Free Shipping!


Promo code EMCNGNJ35 will save you 10% on one of these five 27" monitors:

  • I would recommend the Samsung because it is the best rated and cheapest of the five. You can make it yours for only $269.99 with Free Shipping.


Promo code EMCNGNJ36 takes 15% off all wireless adapters:

  • I have never heard of TP-LINK, but I guess their USB Wireless N adapter is really awesome. It has a 5 egg rating and 991 reviews. For only $17.84 you can try it out and let me know if it is as great as everyone says it is.
  • If you want to add wireless to your desktop, then this Rosewill Wireless N PCI Express adapter is probably your best bet. It is $24.23 after shipping.

Well that's about all the products I have time to post. Don't forget to check this page for all the rest of the promo codes on items like Cooler Master products, headphones, motherboards and tax software.

Newegg logo.

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