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Come see the new GPUReview!

This is still a work in progress but I think you guys'll dig it. There are some things that are not there (or working) yet. 

1. There will be a graph below the popularity graph that shows the price fluculations over time. The x-axis for both graphs will match so that you can see how the price and popularity change together.

2. The Multi-GPU button is not there yet.

3. Posting comments on the new pages is not ready yet.

4. The Frequently Compared Cards box (top right) will have tabs for Frequently Compared, Family, GPU, Price Range, and Release Year.


Now that is out of the way, let me show you something that is working. **Clicking on a card name will no longer take you to the manufacturer's page. Instead you will get a popup box that looks something like this:



This popup contains the card name, model number, the manufacturer (clicking on this will take you to the manufacturer's page for the card), the picture for the card, and then all the information that we have for the card in our database.

**The popup will not appear if you have sorted the card list. It will work in the future of course, but this is a bug for now.

One more thing. We encourage you to post feedback about this work in progress in the comments for this story. Be nice please. Mike works so hard...

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