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CES Update: My Inconvenient Foot Injury

I got here just fine.

I walked around the strip for maybe two hours.

I sat down in a hotel room and talked a friend for about an hour. During that time my right foot began to hurt. When we got up leave the room my foot really bothered me when I put weight on it. I have been unable to stretch it out or relieve the pain yet.

I am going to spend some time in my jacuzzi tub tonight before I go to bed and I am taking some Ibuprofen. My mother also suggested that I sleep with my foot elevated.

I really don't think my foot will become magically healed over night, but I hope it does. Not only will I not be able to enjoy the show tomorrow, I won't be able to enjoy anything else that Vegas has to offer.

I am really pissed. My body has never betrayed me like this before.

I will let you guys know WHEN my condition improves.


I have been in my room staying off my foot for the most part. I am going to attempt to go to the show this afternoon after I buy a pair of sandals or slippers. My foot is not swollen but when I put my tennis shoe on and take a few steps, it hurts like hell.

UPDATE: 1/22/09

You guys can stop trying to diagnose me now. I do appreciate your efforts though. My foot is almost back to being 100% pain free. Also, I don't drink alcohol. Ever.

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