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CeBIT 2008 Day 2 (More 9800 GX2 pics...yawn...)

You may notice that there is no "Day 1" post on this page. I did not really read anything worth posting yesterday. Today all I got is some more 9800 GX2 pics and a 8800 GT from MSI that has dynamic cooling. The fan on this card has a GPU temp monitor which tells the fan when it is time to turn on. When the fan is not on, the card is cooled passively. Here is a picture of this card, and here is a short interview with a MSI guy about this card (put your cursor over the pic and video controls will appear).

On the 9800 GX2 side from bit-tech, we have more pics and a short article about the Evga watercooled 9800 GX2, and some pics of the Albatron and MSI offerings. Overclocker'sClub has a whole page dedicated to various graphics cards. The page includes GX2's from Albatron, Galaxy, and Inno3D.

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