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Bringing Nvidia technology to AMD hardware.

Nestled deep inside our GTX 280 review I mentioned that NGOHQ got a Radeon HD 3870 to run the Nvidia PhysX layer in Vantage. Well now they have posted an update on their project to bring Nvidia's CUDA/PhysX technology to AMD hardware. Nvidia has stepped up and is helping them by providing access to documentation, SDKs and more importantly, hardware and actual engineers.

The crew at NGOHQ are not getting much help from AMD, and that may be due to the fact that AMD and Intel are all about Havok physics instead of Nvidia's PhysX physics. On the flip side. that is probably why Nvidia wants an outside developer to help get PhysX in the hands of more AMD based gamers and developers.

I believe that getting PhysX running on AMD hardware will be great for competition and it may draw more attention to game physics in general. What do you folks think?

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