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BFG once again proves why they are so great.

The economy is not doing so hot right now. Due to that fact some people who have purchased a video card (or other PC hardware) may have trouble cashing their rebate checks. You should still get your rebate check in the mail, but when you try to cash the check, it may bounce higher than Tigger.

I first found out about this potential problem via this article from [H]ard|OCP. Th article does a great job of descibing how the whole rebate thing works which I will paste right here:

Here is a simple overview of how a rebate with CPG works. Company X puts a rebate on its product, let’s say for $20. Company X expects to pay out 5000 of these rebates to consumers. Company X would then put the $100,000 needed to cover that rebate into CPG’s bank accounts. CPG basically escrows the money for consumers. CPG is trusted with this money in order to make sure the consumer is “safe.”

We have it from good sources currently that CPG owes consumers somewhere in the neighborhood of $9M to $12M worth of rebates. The problem here is that CPG currently only has about $3M in cash to cover that $9M-$12M in rebates owed to the consumer. Where that money has gone to is anyone’s guess and we will leave speculation up the law enforcement authorities and the courts.

A full day after that article hit the Webs, CPG filed for bankruptcy protection. So that's not good for us (consumers) or for companies that had trusted GPG with their money (like BFG). Luckily for us, BFG is all kinds of awesome (See all those different kinds of awesome over there, by that bench? Yeah, BFG is all of those.). All the proof you need can be found in this news post on BFG's site. So let me break it down for you even more:

  1. BFG gives thousands of dollars to CPG to pay for our rebates.
  2. CPG 'lost' all that money.
  3. BFG either litigated to make CPG pay BFG's customers or gave CPG more money.
  4. BFG has avoided pissed off customers.

We love BFG.

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