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Best Buy is having an online midnight sale tonight.

Best Buy is having an online midnight sale tonight and it looks like there are going to be some pretty sweet deals on some things. I need to replace my current Logitech Harmony 880 remote and it looks like this Logitech Harmony 700 will be less than $119.99 come midnight EST.

I know you guys have powerful desktop computers, but you might need a laptop for travel or bathroom surfing. There's a 14" Asus laptop for less than $379.99 and a 15.6" Asus laptop for less than $399.99. They both have the Intel i3 2.2Ghz processor, 4GB of RAM, a Double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW drive and media card reader. The 14" model has a 500GB hard drive while the 15.6" model has only a 320GB hard drive. 

For those looking for a HDTV, there will be a Toshiba 46" 1080p LCD for less than $649.99 and a Toshiba 40" 1080p LCD for less than $399.99. The 46" model has 4.2 stars and 51 reviews and the 40" model has 3.3 stars and 53 reviews.

If you need a new digital camera, you can get a 14MP Nikon Coolpix S4100 for less than $89.99. That link leads to the red model, but there are 3 other colors as well.

Best Buy Midnight Sale Items

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