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Batman: Arkham Asylum free with purchase of Nvidia video card.

I got some great news for anyone that is considering the purchase of a GTX 260 or higher. Nvidia is giving away a PC copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum to anyone that buys a card from the following retailers:


The mediocre news is that you can't get your free game until September 15th even thought the game comes out tomorrow. Still, this is a fantastic deal due to the fact that Arkham Asylum is the first really great Batman game to ever be created. I have played the delectable demo on Xbox Live and it convinced me that this game is something that I MUST HAVE. Download the PC demo if you feel the need for Batman bliss. I am picking up my copy tomorrow during lunch and once I get home to play it, I will be just as happy as Mr. J!


The Joker

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