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ATI announces the X1950 Pro.

ATI has gone and done the expected today and announced the X1950 Pro via this press release. Here is "the meatiest" part of the release for those of you who do not like hunting for "the meat":

"The Radeon X1950 Pro is the first graphics card to make use of new native CrossFire™ technology, simplifying the multi-GPU experience by eliminating the need for a branded CrossFire Edition card. Using CrossFire bridge interconnect cables that attach directly to the cards, installation is easy and gamers get a clean, elegant look. Native CrossFire technology also delivers the same high-performance multi-GPU gaming experience CrossFire is known for, enabling high resolutions and refresh rates. The new CrossFire technology works on the same broad range of Intel and AMD platforms that cable CrossFire technology supports, including AMD socket 939 and AM2 motherboards, and Intel® 975X and P965 motherboards."

The card is supposed to be available today so we will be gathering all the card details and reviews for the database.

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