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Asus mocks your dual GPU card by putting 3 GPUs on one card.

For clarity I want to begin by saying that this is a concept for now, and that Asus may or may not manufacturer and sell this card. 

Nordic Hardware tells us that the card is called the ASUS EAH3850 Trinity. It features 3 3850 GPUs (RV670) on a dual slot form factor and 4 DL-DVI ports. Two of the GPUs are located on the back (or top) of the card and the third is located on the usual side. All three GPUs are cooled by heatsinks that are connected to a watercooled copper block by copper heatpipes. The watercooling is performed by a self contained unit that fits in two 5.25" drive bays.

If Asus can give customers a reason to buy this card instead of a single HD 3870 X2, I think we may actually see this for sale sometime this year. Do you guys think that a product like this will sell?


Nordic Hardware HD 3850 Trinity pic.

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