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Asus brings you a 8800 GT with 1GB of GDDR3.

Do you accept it? I would, especially if they brought it to me for free. I saw this press release yesterday but there were no pictures and specs yet so I refrained from posting a story. Today the press release has appeared on Asus' site and now I have a picture and the specifications, which I present to you in this lovely hand-crafted PNG image: 

Asus 1GB 8800 GT
This card has other notable features besides the large memory size. According to Asus, the special "ASUS Glaciator Fansink has an operating level of 25dB while reference design boards have 50dB" and it also keeps the GPU 7ºC cooler than reference cooling. The card also comes with the Asus SmartDoctor utility that allows you to overclock the shader processor independantly from the core.
So what do you guys think? Does this make up for Asus' Magical indiscretions? Will the extra 512MB give you better Crysis performance?

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