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Asus 8600 GT OC Gear is now available for purchase.

Remember these?

Story 1.
Story 2.
Story 3.  

The Asus 8600 GT with its own 5.25" overclocking bay is now available on Newegg for the paltry sum of $154.99. Here are some important notes from Newegg's page:

1. Compatible Graphics Card: ASUS Graphics Cards (You can use the panel with other Asus cards!? Joy!)
2. OC GEAR may not apply to some chassis with front door design
3. You are allowed to adjust the Fan Speed only when installing an ASUS graphics card with fan control function.

It is finally available 7 weeks After appearing on Asus' website or about 3.75 months after it was introduced to us by TweakTown on May 28, 2007. Is this still as cool as it was back in May? You should buy it and let us know! 

Asus GeForce 8600 GT OC Gear

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