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I am back from PAX & Radeon Eyefinity is pretty cool.

Yes I have returned, and no, I am not infected with the Swine Flu. I did however talk to a person at the Nvidia booth (I would like to put his name here, but I misplaced his business card) about some things.

I asked them if they are going to continue to market the 3D Vision bundle and kit or if they are going to market the 3D Vision driver that you can use with the cheapo red and blue glasses. Currently, Nvidia is going to continue to push both implementations. The guy also agreed that it is difficult to convince customers that 3D Vision is awesome if they can't try it for themselves before they buy it.

He showed me the PC version of Resident Evil 5 in 3D Vision and it was awesome! Like WoW, RE5 has out of screen effects (zomg that knife is flying at my face!) programmed into it which makes me salivate. I also got to see Batman Arkham Asylum being played with PhysX support turned on. I have been playing it on the 360 and I have to admit that it was cool to see the wall chunks that Bane throws at you crumble and then stay on the ground. There was also a level with big stacks of paper that could be exploded or pushed over in a realistic manner. When I returned from my trip I had an email from Nvidia offering me review copies of both games (sweeet!), so I will be able to check both of them out pretty soon I guess.

In other news, there is this Radeon Eyefinity Technology. Six 30" monitors powered by one 'Evergreen' card and 24 30" monitors powered by 4 sounds pretty cool you guys. Color me excited and intrigued.



7 days till the HD 5850 & 5870 arrive. Read some benchmarks while you wait!

DigiTimes wants us all to know that AMD will be releasing the HD 5850 and HD 5870 on September 22. One month later AMD will unleash the beast that will be known as 5870 X2.

While we wait for our planet to spin around a few more times, we can read some of these benchmarks. Here are the numbers for the HD 5850 vs the GTX 285, the HD 5870 vs GTX 295 and HD 5870 CrossFire vs GTX 295 SLI.

Evga delivers 4-way SLI for world record contenders.

I was looking at the parser today hoping to find some HD 5870 or 5850 stuff when I came across the Evga GTX 285 Classified. I noticed that it had some interesting features like "Worlds First 4-Way SLI Card, X-Cool Switch for Extreme OC Mode, Supports EVGA's EVbot, Supports EVGA's EVbot, and Dedicated Voltage Read Points." So I dug a little deeper and I located a page that explained this wacky 4-way SLI business. On that page you can also watch a slideshowesque 'video' of the world record attempt and the 3DMark scores themselves.

If you enjoy spending lots of money in order to look at really big numbers, then this card and motherboard setup is for you.

Evga GTX 285 Classified

These XFX 2118AD ads are amusing.

I enjoyed them, perhaps you will as well.

AMD launches the HD 5000 series with spectacular reviews!

Ah launch day. How I have missed thee. It has been almost 5 months since the last video card launch we covered (the HD 4770). Well AMD is back bitches! And by the looks of these reviews, they have succeeded in raising the bar in several graphical areas while also using less power than the HD 4890!

I have the HD 5870 and HD 5850 pages up and I have added all the cards and reviews that I could find at the moment. I have not had time to read through many reviews yet but I have a few things I would like to share with you. Check out the comparison pics at the top of this page. The HD 5870 has drawn an almost perfect circle all the way through the rainbow tunnel of happiness! TechPowerUp created a seconday article about how the HD 5870 handles decreased PCI-E bandwidth. And finally Hexus and TweakTown were able to do some CrossFireX testing.

Sometime later today I will put together an overclocking roundup and I will also get some Newegg links connected.

XFX HD 5870

GPUReview's HD 5870 overclocking roundup!

Here's your HD 5870 overclocking results. Congrats to the team at Guru3D for their stunning victory.


HD 5870 Overclocking Comparison



It's the headless body of Spiro Agnew!


The headless body of Spiro Agnew.

Nvidia pulls a 'dick' move with their PhysX support.

Apparently since the 186 GeForce drivers, Nvidia has disabled PhysX processing if an AMD video card is being used for the graphics processing. That is just not cool at all. I agree with Unknown-One's statement, "Ok, so don't support it, but don't go out of your way to disable it!". If this was my decision, I would make sure that PhysX works very well in this configuration so that the user can see the value in my company's technology. Perhaps then the user might be presuaded to buy a video card from Nvidia the next time around. What do you guys think?

Here is Nvidia’s customer care center entry about this situation:

Nvidia supports GPU accelerated Physx on NVIDIA GPUs while using NVIDIA GPUs for graphics. NVIDIA performs extensive Engineering, Development, and QA work that makes Physx a great experience for customers. For a variety of reasons - some development expense some quality assurance and some business reasons NVIDIA will not support GPU accelerated Physx with NVIDIA GPUs while GPU rendering is happening on non- NVIDIA GPUs.

AMD Eyefinity Video Review.

[H]ard|OCP has a pretty nice video review of AMD's Eyefinity tech and seeing as how I am a very visually oriented person, it really caught my attention. I was not being sarcastic Mr. Cutter when I said "Color me excited and intrigued." Did the [H] dig it? Perhaps...


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