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GeForce 9400 GTs do exist, and that is about all they do...

I have been back from my fabulous vacation for a week now and the time has come for me to actually post something here.

The 9400 GT appeared sometime around August 25th. You can find a few of them at Newegg by checking out our 9400 GT page. The only thing that makes this card special is a feature that it does not have. The 9400 GT does not work in SLI and it is the first Nvidia card to lack SLI since the 8400 GS.


GeForce 9400 GT Reference

BIZOW! AMD launches the HD 4670 and HD 4650!

I have only read the AMD press release so far, but these cards seem like they are pretty cool. If the reviews show that the HD 4670 actually can give you twice the FPS in Crysis as the 9500 GT for the "same" (Newegg rebates are making the 9500 GT $25 less) price I will be impressed.

I will be working hard to get pages created for the new cards today so stay tuned.

AMD's HD 4600 page.


Here are our HD 4670 and HD 4650 pages.

Here is what the reviews have to say about the HD 4670 vs the 9500 GT in Crysis:

FiringSquad shows that the 4670 is exactly twice as fast at resolutions starting at 1280x1024 at Medium settings. HotHardware shows that the 4670 is twice as fast at 1280x1024 at High settings. Anandtech does not actually give their readers numbers, but it looks like the 4670 can give you twice as many FPS at resolutions at or above 1024x768 at Medium settings. TechPowerUp's findings are a tad outside the norm, but it looks like that is because they actually turned on AA at all resolutions except for 1024x768. This results in the 4670 only being twice as fast at 1024x768 and pretty close (12/22.5, 9/16.9 and 7/12.5) at higher resolutions with AA turned on. TweakTown's numbers are also pretty close. Running at High settings at 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 they recorded 13.56/24.33 and 9.8/18.22 respectively.

So it looks like this is one PR claim that is actually more fact than fiction. This must be the End of Days!

216 Shader GTX 260 pages & reviews are out...

But there is no official press release or website update from Nvidia. As a result, I am not sure what to call the new GTX 260 because Nvidia has not told me. So for now, our new GTX 260 entry is "GeForce GTX 260 (216 Shaders)".

From the looks of the reviews, the new 260 can give a 5 to 10 percent frame rate boost when compared to the old GTX 260 depending on if the game being tested is thirsting for more shader power. The overclocking potential of the BFG OCX and Zotac AMP2! models is frankly astounding. I will post our patented overclocking chart after I find some more reviews, but increases of almost 25% over the core reference speed, 29% over the reference memory speed and 24% over the reference shader speed is phenomenal!

Be on the lookout for low quality Diamonds...

And for once I am not talking about jewelry. Diamond Multimedia could be responsible for shipping defective 512MB HD 3800 models to system builders like Alienware. Before you all get your panties in a twist, I should point out that the article mentions that Diamond may have been screwed by its contractor, ITC (GeCube). Aside for the units shipped to system builders, there are also more than 15,000 defective units that have been sold at retail or that are still in the retail channel waiting to be sold. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Of course, if our sources are correct - and the documents we received support their claims - then more than 15,000 potentially defective Diamond graphics cards were sold in retail/etail or are still in the channel.

Have any of you guys had trouble with your Diamond 3800's?

GPUReview's 216 Shader GTX 260 overclocking round up!

I promised it, but then I had trouble finding more reviews. I found one more review today and then remembered to post this thing. So here it is!

216 Shader GTX 260 overclocking roundup.
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