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7800 Ultra Cancelled?

According to the inquirer nVidia has decided that it doesn't need an Ultra version of the 7800 GTX to compete with R520.

"Nvidia knows that ATI can no ship many R520 XT's running at 600/1400MHz and therefore won't get into relaunching a new faster clocked G70 chip."

Read the full story here.

R520 Sighted at HKEPC?

According to this article over at hkepc.com R520, or the X1800XT, will be clocked at 650Mhz/1400Mhz and have 16 pipelines. They have a nice picture of the chip so perhaps benchmarks aren't too far off...:)

R520 Pics At Tech Power Up!

R520 is getting close. More pictures have surfaced over at techPowerUp! along with some speculation as to the speeds and derivatives that will be available at launch. No closeups of the core this time, full front and back photos for your viewing pleasure:

Get Em Here

New Card: Radeon X800 GTO

The ever expanding X800 family got a little bigger recently with the addition of the X800GTO. Performance wise, the X800GTO sits between a vanilla X800GT and the X800XL. At around $200 you definitely get your money's worth. Check out the X800GTO in our database and the first X800GTO review of the card at hardwarezone.

New Cards: CrossFire and Go 7800 GTX

I finally got around to adding the recently released CrossFire X850XT's to the database along with the GeForce Go 7800GTX. Take a stroll through the database and have a look!
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