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PAX 2009 and Nvidia.

(Get ready for some rhyme.) It is almost time, for me to attend PAX 2009 . I have begun to prepare, because Nvidia will be there. If you are going to be there too, then you know what you should do? Use Twitter (stevemcbarnes) to let me know, cause I would love to meet you bro.


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Batman: Arkham Asylum free with purchase of Nvidia video card.

I got some great news for anyone that is considering the purchase of a GTX 260 or higher. Nvidia is giving away a PC copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum to anyone that buys a card from the following retailers:


The mediocre news is that you can't get your free game until September 15th even thought the game comes out tomorrow. Still, this is a fantastic deal due to the fact that Arkham Asylum is the first really great Batman game to ever be created. I have played the delectable demo on Xbox Live and it convinced me that this game is something that I MUST HAVE. Download the PC demo if you feel the need for Batman bliss. I am picking up my copy tomorrow during lunch and once I get home to play it, I will be just as happy as Mr. J!


The Joker
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