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Intel's Larrabee Architecture Exhaustively Examined

Intel is apparently ready to reveal some details of their Larrabee GPU (that's not really a GPU) and Anandtech has managed to stretch what was revealed into a 16 page article. The parts I could comprehend were pretty interesting and I think many of you will find it very compelling.


"bee girl" by yangge robin from Epilogue.net

PhysX getting added to the basic GeForce driver for August 12th.

So soon you guys will be able to play the Unreal Tournament PhysX Mod like I did in our GTX 280 review without installing additional PhysX drivers. So sayeth this Tech Report article. The PhysX portion of the new GeForce drivers will also allow more GeForce cards to push PhysX calculations. GeForce 8 and GeForce 9 owners will finally be able to get in on the fun! 

What I can't wait to try is these new Nvidia PhysX demos that are pictured in the article. A fluid demo and a demo about some disgusting alien thing called the Great Kulu:

In this demo, Nvidia shows off soft-body physics through Kulu, a giant tentacled slug-caterpillar that chases you down corridors by hideously distorting itself like a trash bag full of Jell-O. I've had to sleep with the light on ever since testing this.

The Great Kulu

Look for the new PhysX demos to appear on this page on or after the 12th, but just grab the newest GeForce drivers from the usual place. By the way, I highly recommend the Medusa demo (currently available). It is great to watch and even more fun to mess with the facial parameters of medusa and the warrior.

The first HD 4870 X2 page is up!

Gigabyte is the first out of the gate this round. Unfortunately Gigabyte's pages are not jam packed full of information. The page mentions HDMI, but from the looks of the picture, it must be HDMI through one of those DVI to HDMI connectors that are sometimes included with cards.

In related news Provantage has a Sapphire HD 4870 X2 listed for $531.67. It is listed as Special Order with a subtitle of "Place your order with us and we will get it for you as quickly as possible."


Gigabyte HD 4870 X2

ATI is once again the king of graphics card hill!

It has been a long coming, but ATI is finally back on top! This has not happened since ATI was owned by ATI... Say hello to the Radeon HD 4870 X2!

While I make the rounds and add the cards to the database you guys can whet your appetite on this small list of reviews. I would also like to point out this benchmark graph I found on ATI's HD 4870 X2 page. It shows that the HD 4870 X2 is 1.3 to 2.2 times something more than the GTX 280 in some popular games. It could be temperature, FPS, noise or even calorie content since they did not label their Y axis.

Anandtech Asus and Force3D HD 4870 X2s

Guru3D PowerColor HD 4870 X2

HotHardware Palit and HIS HD 4870 X2s

MadShrimps Asus, Force3D and HIS HD 4870 X2s

Overclockers Club Sapphire HD 4870 X2

PC Perspective Sapphire HD 4870 X2

Phoronix VisionTek HD 4870 X2 on Linux

TweakTown Sapphire HD 4870 X2

Guru3D HD 4870 X2 pic.

Nvidia's G92 and G94 parts are reportedly failing.

It looks as though the G84 and G86 parts are not the only parts that have been blessed by the Epic Fail Fairy. There are reports from board partners that G92 and G94 parts are failing more than they should. As you all know there are lot of G92 based cards, and 5 of those 8 are on our popular card list. That is not... good.

This is bad for Nvidia, bad for Nvidia board partners, bad for customers and good for AMD/ATI. We should all hope that the delicate GPU market competition does not get thrown out of balance.

"It seems that four board partners are seeing G92 and G94 chips going bad in the field at high rates. If you know what failures look like statistically, they follow a Poisson distribution, aka a bell curve. The failures start out small, and ramp up quickly - very quickly. If you know what you are looking for, you can catch the signs early on. From the sound of the backchannel grumblings, the failures have been flagged already, and NV isn't playing nice with their partners.

Why wouldn't they? Well, the G92 chip is used in the 8800GT, 8800GTS, 8800GS, several mobile flavours of 8800, most of the 9800 suffixes, and a few 9600 variants just to confuse buyers. The G94 is basically only the 9600GT. Basically we are told all G92 and G94 variants are susceptible to the same problem - basically they are all defective."

G92 Fail Chip

Welcome to the year of the rat!

Wayy back in April of 2007 I brought you the awesomeness of the Golden Pig X1650 Pro from PowerColor. Well we are now in the year of the rat which means I get to show you the Golden Rat HD 2600 Pro!

Golden Rat

Not only does this product exist, but you can now buy this oddity for only $50.00 from our friends at Newegg! See you again next year for a post about the Golden Ox HD 3650 from PowerColor. 

GPUReview's HD 4870 X2 overclocking round up!

I wish I had something with substance to post. But there is not much going on in the realm of GPU news I guess. So until I find something worth posting, here is a pretty chart that I should have posted on launch day!


HD 4870 X2 OCs

New GTX 260 on its way. Meant to challenge the HD 4850?

Expreview is reporting that a new GTX 260 with 216 shaders (was 192) is in the works. I have added this card as the GTX 260+ so that we can compare it to the current GTX 260. I am not sure how many ROPs the new GTX 260 will have. The original 260 has 28 and the GTX 280 has 32 so maybe the GTX 260+ will have 30. In any case, I left it a 28 for now...

[H]ard|OCP just published a review of the Asus TOP GTX 260 (just about the fastest GTX 260 available) which showed the TOP GTX 260 trading blows with the HD 4870. The TOP performed better in Crysis and Age of Conan, but the HD 4850 allowed higher anti-aliasing in Call of Duty 4. Looking at those results, what will happen when the new GTX 260 battles the HD 4850 or HD 4870?

AMD announces DirectX 10.1 for 3 games that no one cares about.

I just saw this press release over at Kotaku about DirectX 10.1 from AMD. In this press release they list three totally obscure PC games that you have probably never heard of. To demonstrate just how little gamers care about these games, I have included their Game Stats popularity rankings.  

Stormrise GPM = 0% | Overall GPM Ranking #37,854 | Within PC Library #8897

BattleForge GPM = .2% | Overall GPM Ranking #2,297 | Within PC Library #274

Cloud 9 is not on Game Stats and when I searched Google for "NHN Games Cloud 9", the first 3 pages are all sites that picked up the press release that I am talking about. NHN Games is a Korean game developer and I can't find any information about Cloud 9 written in English. I am sure Cloud 9 is going to be huge in the states you guys!

After some extensive searching I have located NHN Games' USA site...that does not list any of the PC MMO games it is "known" for... including Cloud 9. 

DirectX 10.1 is shaping up to be a super important feature. Oh wait, no it's not! I was wrong.

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