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nVidia has "Ushered in a new era"

This"new era" is an era of "advanced visualization for the professional graphics market". nVidia is introducing the new nVidia Quadro Plex 1000 which is the world's (WORLD'S!!) first dedicated Visual Computing System. Apparently professional people will use it to find us more oil, design complex stuff in 3D or use Google Earth at really really high resolution. I just want to know how many FPS it will get me in UT2007 for the paltry cost of $17,500.00.

Evga releases 2 new 7950's, one of which is watercooled.

Sorry for my lateness with this news. The release made the rounds on August 1st mostly on European websites. Evga is introducing two new 7950 GX2 video cards. The watercooled Black Pearl and a new Superclocked version as well.
Press release from Evga's German website written in English.
Update: The only pic of the new watercooled 7950 GX2 I have seen yet.

Nvidia Changes Their Logo

New nVidia Logo

nVidia has changed their logo after something like 10 years with the same one. The new one is a bit edgier and more modern looking, but I wouldn't say it's necessarily an improvement.

Also, check out the new look on their homepage.

7950 GT information leaked.

So this link apparently leads to a Chinese site that has a PowerPoint presentation posted that provides information on the new 7950 GT. 550MHz core, 1.4GHz memory, 24 pixel pipelines, 512MB of memory and native HDCP support are the juicy details that [H]ard|OCP has inculded in their news item. Unfortunately I am at work and I am unable to load the Chinese website because... its a Chinese website. Leave a comment if the link works, and maybe include some more details if you can.

7900 GS information leaked.

Apparently the same Chinese site that has the 7950 GT slides also has information on a new 7900 GS card that will feature the same clock speeds as the 7900 GT but have 4 fewer pixel pipelines. Thanks to TechReport.com for this one.

ATI releases new TV Wonder cards.

The TV Wonder 650 and TV Wonder 200 are available today in North America.  Lucky us!  Both make use of the new Catalyst Media Center and the 650 can record free over-the-air high definition broadcasts. 

X1950 XTX & X1950 CrossFire Edition launched today!

GDDR4, HDCP compliance, and a spiffy new heatsink design are what the X1950 XTX has brought to the party.  The official press release has the details and you can find the first wave of reviews on our X1950 XTX page .

It's my birthday!

Hi everyone, today is my birthday! Hope you enjoy my site and wish me well or else my girlfriend will be sad that hacking my site produced nothing good.

All-In-Wonder cards are now All-Gone.

According to the folks over at DailyTech, the AIW line of video cards will no longer be made.  Their information was obtained from US distributors of ATI products.  [H]ard|OCP picked up on this news story and has also confirmed this with their own independent sources.

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