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Long time exclusive Nvidia partner to begin making ATI cards!

There are reports that Gainward will soon be manufacturing ATI video cards from the HD 4000 series. Apparently this was bound to happen due to the fact that Palit owns Gainward (Palit make Nvidia and ATI cards). The oldest Nvidia card from Gainward that we have in the database is a GeForce4 MX440, so Gainward has been dealing in only Nvidia cards since at least 2002. I wonder if Gainward will extend its Goes Like Hell (GLH) and Golden Sample branding to their ATI cards.


Gainward HD 4850 picture.

Good news and bad news.

Good News:

After working on it for over a week, I have finally finished writing GPUReview's first ever in-house video card review! (Hurray!)

I think the reiview is pretty good and I think the graphs I made are very pretty.

Now that I am done working on the review I have time to go to the gym (I am trying to lose weight) and play video games for fun (and not for work).


Bad News:

We do not currently have the ability to post a mulit-page article. All I can do right now is post an intro on the main page and then post the rest of the content on the next page.

I am too stupid to figure out how to add the functionality that we need to post a multi-page article. 

Mike hates you all and he does not want you to read the awesome review I wrote. That is why he chose this week to move to a new city.

Mike will not have Internet access at his new place until this Thursday, so until then we can't post the review.


Good News:

Mike will not have Internet access at his new place until this Thursday, so until then I can make up lies about him and post them here on his site! By the way, Mike is completely against the Magna Carta and he enjoys making necklaces out of fish eyes.


HD 4870 X2 is coming this August.

DigiTimes is reporting that the HD 4870 X2 will arrive in August with a MSRP of $499 and 2GB of GDDR5. If I can afford it and if it is released in early August, I might do my next review on the HD 4870 X2. I am going to PAX at the end of August so I want to make sure I get it done before I go. What do you guys want? Should I review the HD 4870 X2? Are you guys going to wait until August to do your upgrading?

Nvidia's stock plummets after news of significant quantities of defective mobile GPUs.

Unfortunatley they are not being specific about the mobile GPUs that have been affected. All they have said so far is that the chips are from the "previous-generation". Nvidia is attempting to fix the problem by providing laptop makers with drivers that make the fans turn on sooner to help prevent overheating and they are preparing some capital for repairs and replacements.

I hope they get more specific about the affected GPUs soon because I am going to be buying a Dell XPS M1330 next month with a mobile 8400 GS inside it.

After watching their stock for about 15 minutes the lowest that it has gone so far is $12.52. It is going up and down because people are selling and then opportunists are buying because the stock is cheap and they feel like the stock will go back up in the future. I am thinking about buying some myself...


Nvidia stock low.
New low.

GTX 280 vs 8800 GTX - 18 Months of Innovation

Welcome to the very first GPU review written and produced by GPUReview.com! For now we are still purchasing the hardware that we review so we may not being reviewing cards very often until we start getting samples from manufacturers. The idea to do this review came from my desire to upgrade from my 8800 GTX to a GTX 280. So this review will be focused on the performance differences between the Evga 8800 GTX and the Evga GTX 280 in four games and two benchmarks.

Read The Full Article

Nvidia drops prices for the GTX 280, GTX 260 and 9800 GTX.

Sometime yesterday Nvidia officially gave me and lots of other early adopters the finger. 20 days after the launch of the GTX series they have lowered the GTX 280 by $149 and the GTX 260 series by $129. That's the price we pay for buying things at launch I guess. Since 30 days have not passed I still have the option of returning my card to Newegg for a full refund, then I could just buy the same card for $149 less. I won't do that though, I don't need the money that bad and (for me) its not worth the hassle.

[H]ard|OCP has the new prices that the AIB board partners pay to Nvidia and the new MSRP prices. Newegg is selling at the new prices but prices at the manufacturer sites (Evga, PNY) have not dropped yet. Here are the Neweggs links for each of these cheaper cards:

GeForce GTX 280s starting at $459 after rebate.
GeForce GTX 260s starting at $329.
GeForce 9800 GTX starting at $196.  

Bringing Nvidia technology to AMD hardware.

Nestled deep inside our GTX 280 review I mentioned that NGOHQ got a Radeon HD 3870 to run the Nvidia PhysX layer in Vantage. Well now they have posted an update on their project to bring Nvidia's CUDA/PhysX technology to AMD hardware. Nvidia has stepped up and is helping them by providing access to documentation, SDKs and more importantly, hardware and actual engineers.

The crew at NGOHQ are not getting much help from AMD, and that may be due to the fact that AMD and Intel are all about Havok physics instead of Nvidia's PhysX physics. On the flip side. that is probably why Nvidia wants an outside developer to help get PhysX in the hands of more AMD based gamers and developers.

I believe that getting PhysX running on AMD hardware will be great for competition and it may draw more attention to game physics in general. What do you folks think?

Logo Warzzz!

DirectX 11 to be announced this month.

Apparently Microsoft is going to broach the subject of DirectX 11 at their Gamefest 2008 conference in Seattle on July 22nd. Then in late August, Nvidia will talk about it at NVISION 08. Perhaps this is why Nvidia is not concerned with DirectX 10.1 at all...


Turn That Shit Up to 11!

Happy Radeon HD 4870 X2 preview day!

Even though it won't be available until later this summer (August), I guess late last night was the time for several sites to publish their "exclusive" previews of the HD 4870 X2. Apparently this card has what it takes to give you FREE (no FPS decrease) AA (up to 12X CFAA) in games like Age of Conan. Wow. This is made possible because of the way that the 4800 series processes anitaliasing:

...Custom Filtering AA (CFAA) is a method employed by the Radeon HD 4800 series to improve antialiasing image quality by using an edge detect algorithm. The beauty of this technology is that uses the stream processors to perform this action and does not tax the framebuffer at all. That means you can get high quality AA (equivalent of 12X and 24X AA) without the cost of using up memory bandwidth and capacity, it uses the shaders. The downside of course is when you are in a shader intensive game you can’t exactly spare the shader horsepower. But, with a setup like Radeon HD 4870 X2 with 4-GPUs powering the game, it has a ton of shader horsepower, 3200 stream processors at your disposal!...





PC Perspective

The Tech Report

Legit Reviews  


Radeon HD 4870 X2

Early BFG, Evga & XFX GTX 280 & GTX 260 buyers can get cash back!

This news is sure to be great for some and lousy for others. If you purchased an XFX GTX 280 or GTX 260 between June 16, 2008 and July 11, 2008 you can give your info to XFX and you will receive up to $120 in cash from XFX. The offer is good in the US and Canada and from the looks of this picture, purchases from the most popular e-tailers are definitely honored. I hope you all have your online receipts still available! So... hurray for all you XFX customers out there!

To the rest of you, I feel your pain. I was fine with my decision to not return my card to Newegg for cash and then buy the same card. I did not want to be without a PC for a few days and it just was not worth it for me. Now that one company has done something so awesome, I feel nothing but hate towards Evga for not doing the same! Who knows... maybe Evga will feel some pressure to do the same thing for their customers. People are always saying how great Evga is, now they need to step up and prove it!

Here's a thread on Evga's forums asking if Evga will do the same.


aliquidparadigm brought it to my attention that Evga has a program open now as well! Hurray for me and the other Evga early adopters! Evga GTX 280 buyers can get up to $150 in store Evga credit or $125 in cash:

  • EVGA GTX 260 you will receive $75.00 in EVGA Bucks* or $60.00 Cash Back**
  • EVGA GTX 280 you will receive $150.00 in EVGA Bucks* or $125.00 Cash Back**

So, should we get the Evga bucks or cash? It depends on if the prices in Evga's store are within $25 ($15 for the GTX 260 buyers) of the Newegg price.


Price chart.

There you have it folks! $125 at Newegg or other stores will buy you more than $150 at Evga's store. So looks like I will have an extra $125 in my piggy bank pretty soon. I am all smiles.

UPDATE 2: The Updatening

BFG has a similar program in the works as well. BFG has the longest time period specified in their terms so far, June 16th to July 16th. I hope they are not giving cash back to people who bought their cards at the lowered price between July 6th and July 16th. Also, BFG is offering their customers a $50 price reduction on the purchase of a 2nd GTX 200 card to complete an SLI setup! That is pimp supreme!

Also, for qualified customers, BFG will offer $50 off the purchase of a second GTX 200 series card of the same model you already have to help complete your SLI system.

A BFG representative is answering customer questions in this thread. The questions pertain to Eurpoean and trade-up purchases.

Drama masks

A closer look at HD 4870 Custom Filtering Antialiasing

Remember that green colored paragraph in our HD 4870 X2 preview news story? You don't! Well then, you should scroll two posts down and check it out.

Are you done reading it?

OK then! Well [H]ard|OCP has delivered unto us a full sized article on the HD 4800 Custom Filtering phenomenon. Prepare yourself for plenty of screenshots of telephone wires and diagonal wood beams!

So exciting.

The All-In-Wonder series is back!

Back in September of 2006, ATI decided to pull the plug on their All-In-Wonder series of video cards. The last AIW card made was the aptly named AIW 2006. Now it is 2008 and the AIW HD 3650 is on the march. The All-In-Wonder series allows users to have a TV tuner, PVR (personal video recorder, think TiVo for PCs) and a gaming video card in one piece of hardware. They are popular with persons looking for a card with all these features in one card (that is why they are call All-In-Wonder). They are great solutions for small PCs with limited amounts of PCI slots.

The VisionTek model is available now from Best Buy, and they should be available from e-tailers soon. Now here are more links for your pleasure:

AMD Press Release
AMD AIW HD 3650 home page


All-In-Wonder logo.

VGATrader.com Launches!


Adam over at VGATrader.com sends word that they're finally ready to launch their video-card-only peer-to-peer trading/selling site. They hope to unite all the different places to sell video cards under one roof and make the process easier by providing a more structured interface. Just imagine, selling your video card on a website that knows not only what a video card is, but exactly what model of video card you've got. You can even browse the cards for sale based on the model, so you can see what similar cards are being sold for.

I just put my old 7950GT up for sale over there and I hope all you guys with cards to sell will head over to VGATrader.com and help get their site going!

Leaving good comments has its perks...

Our commenting system is basically a moderated affair. When a comment is submitted, it does not get displayed to other users until I (or Mike) approves it. However, some people have been leaving quality comments on our site for so long that we feel like we can can trust you. When that happens, we flip a magical invisible switch that allows everyone to see your comment as soon as you post it! Amazing!

The reason that I am posting this information is because I just flipped the magic switch for several people. Please remember that with great commenting power, comes great commenting responsibilty. If you try to sneak things into your comments that you know are not allowed you will lose your auto-approval power forever.

Another reason I am posting this is to encourage other commenters to comment often and to comment well so that they may have the auto-approval power. Here is a list of everyone who has "the power":

  • Evil Incarnate (Me)
  • Mike
  • MrWizard6600
  • aliquidparadigm
  • Mach5Motorsport
  • David
  • Radiator
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  • WhistleHeat
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  • aVaLaNcHe

The 9500 and 9800 GT are here, whether you like it or not.

Nvidia has managed to surprise me, yet not excite me with the launch of the GeForce 9500 GT and 9800 GT. I vaguely remember these being mentioned before, but I never really gave it much attention.

I got some stuff to do this afternoon, but I will get a page up for these cards as soon as I can. In the meantime, here are some 9500 GT reviews to chew on:


A few 9500 GT cards are available at Newegg right now.


The G96 page and 9500 GT page are up. Now I need to find more details on the 9800 GT.

UPDATE 2: Sparky's Revenge

Our 9800 GT page is ready. There are already a few 9800 GTs available at Newegg.

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