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Slow news week, but you guys dig the 8600 GT.

There has been nothing significant going on in the world of graphics cards lately. I have been looking around for something to post...so here it is. The GeForce 8600 GT is now the most popular video card on the site. It has been number one for a few days, but the lead it has over the long time favorite 7600 GT is just getting bigger. As of right now the 8600 GT has 8,453 views and the 7600 GT PCI-E has a mere 7,648 views. So congrats to the 8600 GT!

E3 news will begin flowing in earnest tonight. Maybe we will hear something interesting soon. Oh wait. No we won't, because Nvidia and AMD/ATI are not at E3 this year. :( 

Newegg has some HD 2400 and HD 2600 cards in stock now.

I just finished adding the Newegg links to about five HD series cards. Hopefully Newegg will get more in stock soon.

HD 2600 XT PCI-E
HD 2600 Pro PCI-E
HD 2400 Pro PCI-E

HD 2400 XT PCI-E  

When will the AGP versions appear? I hope they are in stock soon, because I have love for all those that are still using AGP.


The HD 2400 XT is now represented and an additional HD 2600 Pro and HD 2600 XT were added as well. 

Some coming PC games that will look purdy.

Most of the game news from E3 has been announced and thought it would be a good idea to list off some cool PC games that are coming out that will allow your graphics hardware to shine. Here we go!

You probably did not know that these games are coming to the PC:


  • Gears of War Release Date: TBA 2007 It was announced during Microsoft's Press Conference that Gears will be on the PC. Cliffy B demoed a battle with a very large creature and you can view this video here in HD. I hope you know about Gears of War already.
  • Assassin's Creed Release Date: Consoles November 2007, PC TBA This game is very cool. You play an assassin that climb any surface that is not flat and smooth. For example, the cracks in the wall are not just textures, they are physically there and you can stick your fingers in the cracks and climb the walls. The crowds in the game are also a major part of the gameplay. Blend in or cause a scene and distract your enemy. You can view a video of the E3 demo here in HD. The demo was played on the Xbox 360.
  • Haze Release Date: Q2 2008 It was being called a PS3 exclusive, but it turns out it will only be a timed exclusive for the PS3. Tony Key has said, "Haze will only be found on PS3 this holiday season, and will remain exclusive through the first quarter of the calendar year." Haze is all about this huge private military corporation (Mantel) that has its own army of guys that are hopped up on a bio-medical drug known as Nectar. You can view the E3 trailer (PS3) in HD here and you can see some PS3 jungle gameplay right here.
  • Devil May Cry 4 Release Date: TBA Fight tons of freaky demons using swords, guns and awesome combos. This time you are playing as Nero and the blood will fly. There are no new videos for the game from this E3, but here is a link to GameTrailer's Devil May Cry 4 video page.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky Release Date: Q1 2008 This will be the prequel to the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R and it takes place 1 year before Shadow of Chernobyl. There are no videos or images yet, just the announcement.
  • Painkiller: Overdose Release Date: October 2007 Originally I thought this was a full sequel but GameTrailers says it's a "...fully featured community created mod for the acclaimed first person shooter, Painkiller, that includes an all new single player experience." Check it out the teaser in HD right here.
  • Legendary: The Box Release Date: Q1 2008 A man is fooled into stealing Pandora's Box. He opens the box and unleashes gryphons, werewolves and demons on a modern day world. A man vs mythical beast war begins and everything is complicated by the actions of some powerful secret soceities. Check out the trailer in HD right here.
  • The New Wolfenstein Game Release Date: TBA 2007 This is a new Wolfenstein game that is being built with ID's new ID Tech 5 technology. No images, title of videos yet.
  • F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate Release Date: Q4 2007 The second expansion pack for F.E.A.R. I will enjoy it! IGN has only 2 pictures so far.


Now here are the games that you are pobably already waiting for in order of release date:


Some benefits of having a multi-core CPU in your gaming PC.

I was reading PC Perspective's review of Intel's new Core 2 Extreme QX6850 processor, when one of their benchies caught my eye. There are two tests that are using Valve's new Source engine updates that are being developed right now. Check out these super sweet numbers. (I am so glad I have a QX6700.) For those of you that are not brimming with CPU knowledge, I will tell you that all the CPU's on the graph are all dual core except for the QX6700 and QX6850 which are quad cores. So if a single core processor was benched, it would probably score half as well as the FX-62 or E6700.

I first read about these Source engine updates in this wonderful [H]ard|OCP article. I am pretty sure that the updated Source engine will be utilized in Left 4 Dead and the three games found inside The Orange Box.

Get some Evga cards on the cheap!

Evga has a wonderful page that lists B-stock video cards that you can buy. B-stock cards are cards that customers have sent to Evga, Evga then tested them and have determined that they are still up to snuff. There are also Woot style sales at certain times. The next sale begins in 1 hour and 37 minutes. I will check the site out at 2PM Eastern to see what is offered during this sale.

Evga is also hosting another one of their site scavenger hunts as well. The grand prize for this year is a trip to see the F1 Japanese Grand Prix in Tokyo, Japan.

Both of these events are happening due to the fact that Evga is celebrating their 8th anniversary.


EDIT: The B-stock page is loading really slow and there is only 18 minutes left. I think the page might break under the load of all the people trying to check out this sale.

Wow! I was barely lucky enough to have seen the deal. Yes it was that fast. It was gone in less than 60 seconds. The 2PM deal was a 6800 128MB for $49.99 ($50 cheaper than Newegg and $40 cheaper than Evga's normal B-stock price). Actually the link and pic to the deal keeps appearing and diappearing, so try refreshing the page few times if you want to buy it. There are 10 video cards under the B-stock banner that remain on the page between the timed "special product sales".

2PM Eatern Evga deal.

Weird. Now there is a 7800 GTX KO on sale for $59.99. CRAZY!

7800 GTX and 6800 Evga deal.

I have been checking the page pretty regularly and I am now (5:14 East) getting this:

Page is down.

I hope the page is fixed by the time the next sale is posted at 7PM Eastern.

The site is working again and there will be another sale at 10PM Eastern. Also, the 10 cards below the banner have changed.

Evga B-stock day two.

There were sales last night at 10PM Eastern and 12AM Eastern and even though I was busy playing video games, I was told that the 128MB 6800 was the card on sale both times. This morning the cards below the banner are different and they are only five of them.


The next sale is at 4PM Eastern. I will try to snap a pic of the cards on offer.

Crap! I missed the 4PM update. I am sorry. Does anyone know what the deal was? The lower part of the site is down to four video cards now that the FX 5900 XT AGP is all gone. EDIT: Apparently the FX 5900 XT AGP was on sale for $49.99, which explains why it is gone from the bottom of the page.

Tonight's 7PM Eastern sale:

7PM Sale.

A thank you from Evga.

It looks like Evga is running out of their B-stock already. Three days and they are almost out, good for them!

"EVGA would like to thank everyone who participated in the B-Stock Promotional items. Due to the over whelming demand we only have a few SKU’s left. EVGA will continue to offer products at special B-Stock pricing from time to time. Please make sure you are registered as a user so you can receive our newsletters of when these events are going to happen.

Thank you,
Joe Darwin
Director of Technical Marketing

Some actual graphics card news! OMGBBQSAUCE!

X-bit Labs has (or more accurately, had) the scoop on Nvidia's coming 9800 series (sound familar?) video cards. I am not going to copy everything from their story here, but here are some tidbits:


  • 512 bit memory interface
  • 1GB of GDDR4 on at least one of the high end cards
  • 65nm process from TSMC
  • Built in audio chip (Probably to match ATI's HDMI output in the HD 2000 series)
  • Launch will occur in November 2007 with the 9800 GTX and 9800 GTS parts
  • I am not gonna tell you the price of these cards! Click the link to find out.

Wait a minute! This news is from June 3rd 2007. :( Has anyone seen any more up-to-date news on G92? I found an article from June 29th, using the G92 Wikipedia entry just now.

A 3-way CrossFire picture with a huge & annoying watermark.

I am a huge [H]ard|OCP fan but I have never seen them put such a huge and annoying watermark on a picture before. The top two cards are connected by the CrossFire bridge, but the bottom card is all by itself. I think that thrid HD 2900 XT is being used for physics. I wonder if the PSU for that PC is nuclear. Oh yeah, the CPU in that PC is some new fangled 3.00GHz quad core from AMD.

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