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Prey FPS numbers for 18 video cards

These Prey demo benchmarks over at Rage3D are super sweet! There are numbers for 9 current generation video card setups from both nVidia and ATI. At the top of each graph there are 4 links that change the filtering options for each of the 4 graphs, so there are really 16 different graphs on that page. If you want to know what video card to get, or what settings to use for Prey this is an invaluable resource. Enjoy it with some fresh squeezed lemonade.

Samsung ships GDDR4 in bulk.

GDDR3 is no longer 1337, folks.  Say hello to GDDR4 and its 33% speed increase over GDDR3.  Everyone (I know this without even asking anyone) here at GPUReview.com is hoping the next gen ATI and nVidia cards will use these new speedy chips.  Salsa anyone?

An AGP 7600 GS from EVGA sighted at CC.

I for one was not even aware that an AGP version of the 7600 GS was on the way, but intrepid [H]ard|Forum member santookie has seen one with his eyeballs at a Circuit City. Look here for more info of this rare find. As soon as we get enough information on the specs of this card we will be sure to add it to our database.

ATI to let partners design their own cooling solution.

ATI is no longer going to put stock coolers on the reference cards that they ship to their AIB partners by default.  The AIBs can decide to receive the cards with stock coolers from ATI if they want to, but that will no longer be the norm.  This could mean that we will see some really neat cooling solutions on future ATI cards.  You can read about this wonderful news here

Evga releases new fixed 7900 GTs and GTXs.

Evga has officially launched a total of 6 new SKUs for its line of 7900 GTs and 7900 GTXs.  These new cards have been added to our database and may be easily identified by the word "Fixed" appearing at the end of the card name.  Evga is a very cool company for doing this for their customers.  It may be difficult to get your hands on these new cards if you are not replacing an old model Evga card, but please be patient.

You can read the official Evga announcement here

Vista Alt-Tab Gets Anti-Aliasing Support

I just installed the latest build of Windows Vista on my work computer and I immediately noticed that the Window-Tab/expose knock-off now has Anti-Aliasing support. It definitely makes it look a hell of a lot better, though mac's expose is still more useful imho. Have a look at the screenshot below:

ATI announces X1950 XTX with GDDR4.

DailyTech has the lowdown on the new X1950 XTX even before ATI's official press release. The X1950 XTX will feature a new cooling design and new GDDR4 memory chips. There will be a new CrossFire master card made for the X1950 series as well. And lastly, there is a new X1900 XT in the works that is supposed to be different, and yet the same as the current X1900 XT. DailyTech is not very clear on that point. Maybe the new X1900 XT will feature the new cooling design. I will link ATI's official press release here when it becomes available.

One week later and still no announcement from ATI. I will let you know when it happens.

It's official: AMD buys ATi

I honestly don't know what to say about this. I thought it was just a rumor up until a couple of days ago, and now that it's actually happened, I'm not sure how things in the graphics industry are going to change (or even if they will change). Here's the official press release.

Updates! By Steve McBarnes
Jon Carvill interview at DriverHeaven.
ATI/AMD slideshow and answers to reader questions at [H]ard|OCP.

A better look at the X1950 cooling design.

So X-bit labs has a much nicer photo of the new X1950 cooling design.

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