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There is no GTX 680 shortage, customers are just buying them all.

According to Nvidia, the perceived shortage of GTX 680s on the market is not because they are not shipping enough of them, it's because people are buying them so quickly. At a meeting for investors Nvidia released a slide (without numbers on the y axis mind you) which shows that the GTX 680 has 60% higher sales than the GTX 580 did 6 weeks after there launches.

The slide in question has a few flaws in it. The GTX 680 and GTX 580 are mislabeled as the GT680 and GT580 and the grammar on the y axis is not worded well. When PC Perspective asked if "units sold out globally" actually means "units sold globally" they were told that that is correct.  

At Newegg you can see that out of 17 models, only 4 are in stock, but what do you guys think?


Nvidia Slide

Today's Newegg Video Card Deals

The biggest deal on this list is for the Powercolor HD 7950 that comes with 3 free games and a free thing called the PowerJack. First, the games. The games are Dirt Showdown, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Nexuiz. Now this PowerJack thingy. The PowerJack is an extendable support column that you can place below your graphics card to help support the weight of the card.

EVGA GeForce GTX 480 $209.99 after $90 price reduction + FREE shipping, exp. 6/13

Galaxy GTX 550 Ti $106.87 after $20 MIR card and $6.98 shipping, exp. 7/1

Zotac GTX 550 Ti $106.87 after $30 MIR card and $6.98 shipping, exp. 6/30

Sapphire HD 6850 $134.99 after $15 MIR card + FREE shipping, exp. 6/15

Galaxy GTX 560 $149.99 after $15 MIR card + FREE shipping, exp. 7/1

Open Box ECS GTX 570 $233.55 after $104 price reduction and $7.56 shipping

XFX HD 7870 with Dirt 2 $317.55 after $20 MIR card and $7.56 shipping, exp. 6/15

Powercolor HD 7950 w/3 FREE games & FREE PowerJack $339.99 after $20 MIR check + FREE shipping, exp. 6/30


Newegg logo

The HD 7970 GHz Edition wants the single GPU crown.

AMD has released the details and reviews for their latest high-end video card. They're calling it the HD 7970 GHz Edition and according to the reviews I've read, it is actually faster than the GTX 680 at higher resolutions. The GHz Edition is built the same as the regular HD 7970, but it has been clocked to 1,000/6,000 instead of 925/5,500.

The manufacturers are being really slow at putting up their pages for this card as it seems like Club3D is the only one that is on the ball. I'll keep looking for the other manufacturer's pages of course. The overclocking roundup will be posted soon.

Itty bitty GHz Edition picture

GPUReview's HD 7970 GHz Edition overclocking roundup!

For a card that is already running with a memory speed 500Mhz higher than the HD 7970, these memory overclocks are huge! Check it out brah.

GPUReview's HD 7970 GHz Edition OC Roundup
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