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The Asus Mars II has made it to this planet.

Engadget has taken some out-of-this-world pictures of Asus' new Mars II video card. This sequel to the original planetoid is comprised of two GTX 580 cores, basalt, fine iron oxide dust and other trace elements. Only 1,000 Mars IIs will ever be made and the card will suck 600 watts of power, much like a black hole.

Here's a shot of the Mars II's three slots:

Engadget Asus Mars II pic

Asus' Matrix GTX580 Platinum was also in attendance. The Platinum will have a plus and minus buttons that can increase and descrease the GPU voltage and a fan override switch. In case you take things too far you can always press the Safe Mode switch to bring everything back to Earth.

E3 News that You Can Watch in Glorious 3D!

Nvidia and GamerLive.TV have touched their magic rings together to form 3D E3 news for those lucky enough to own a 3D Vision kit. I will be at E3 this year (for the first time!) so I'll be able to see the show in 3D during the show and then when I get home I'll be able to see anything I missed in 3D. Pretty sweet huh? Do any of you fine readers have 3D Vision? If you do, let me know in the comments and tell me if it is the active glasses version or the blue and red glasses version.

During the show I will be posting neat videos (and maybe some pics) on my My IGN blog which is right here. If I see any GPU related awesomeness I'll post it here instead.


3D in 3D text

Crysis 2's DirectX 11 patch in now available!

The super futuristic shooting game is now ready to rock the graphics technology of the present! Like many of you, I managed to buy Crysis 2 without realizing that it did not feature DirectX 11 support. I thought it was implied for some reason. When Crysis came out it featured all the latest graphics technology (like DirectX 10) so I was very surprised when Crysis 2 came out with cutting edge DirectX 9c sweetness!

Well now everything is all better because the DirectX 11 patch is ready for download! Which means I will acutally install the game, install the patch and then give it a go.


The fellas at [H]ard|OCP have managed to install the DirectX 11 and high-res texture patches after 4.5 hours of error messages and failures. They finally came up with a convoluted 10 step procedure that will allow the patches to be installed. Clicky the link for screenshots and the 10 step install procedure.

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