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Nvidia hard launches the GTX 465.

Looks like I missed out on some big news when I was spending time with my family this weekend. Nvidia announced the GTX 465 and the cards were available in stores 2 days before the NDA expired. I have linked up all the cards that are available at Newegg and I have added the reviews to our GTX 465 page.

Galaxy, and Gigabyte have non-reference coolers on their models, but I like Palit's design the most. The card has a nice dual fan cooler and it features full size HDMI and DisplayPort ports as well as two DVI connectors.

Palit's GTX 465

Computex 2010: Galaxy's Dual GPU GTX 470

HotHardware has been kind enough to share some pics of Galaxy's GeForce GTX 470 Dual prototype with the world. The card is a 12 inches long, requires two 8 pin PCI-E power connectors and in the realm of display connectors, it has only 3 DVI ports. Three DVI ports on a dual GPU Fermi card may mean nothing to you (or HotHardware) but I seem to recall that Nvidia's 3D Vision Surround requires two Fermi cards in SLI and three DVI ports (2 on one card and 1 on the second). So it seems like this one card could be marketed as the perfect 3D Vision Surround card.


Hot Hardware's picture of the dual GPU GTX 470

Computex 2010: Galaxy GTX 480 PhysX & GTX 460

Today from Galaxy's Computex booth we have a GTX 480 with a GT 240 GPU on board for PhysX processing purposes. Apparently this card can be combined with additional GTX 480s in SLI without affecting the operation of the GT 240.

In other news, the specifications and launch window for the GTX 460 have been leaked. The card will feature the new GF104 Fermi GPU and the intial models will be all reference designs like most Nvidia card launches, but unlike the GTX 465 launch.


Galaxy GTX 480 with GT 240

GPUReview's GTX 465 overclocking roundup!

Once again it is time for the overclocking roundup! Yeehaw! This time along with the usual chart I have included a comparison between a GTX 465 clocked to the average overclock speeds and a stock GTX 470. Notice how the overclocked GTX 465 has higher rates than the stock GTX 470 in all areas except for memory bandwidth.


GTX 465 OC chart


GTX 465 GTX 470 comparison

Specifications are exposed in this episode.

EXPreview has exposed what is reported to be the specifications for the upcoming GTX 460. Are these real? I'll let you guys be the judge.


EXPreview's GTX 460 pic

The hot PC games of E3 2010.

Now that E3 is over I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the totally sweet PC games that were at the show. I'll devide these into genre categories to make it easy on you. Read on for decriptions and videos from the shows hottest PC games.

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