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Nvidia launches a web based game browser.

Nvidia has launched a new site that will allow you to browse all the PC games that are a part of the The Way It’s Meant to be Played program. Here is the Nvidia blog post on the subject. Currently the site allows users to search for games by price, availability, genre, and ESRB rating. Nvidia plans on increasing the functionality in the future by allowing "advanced searches on game detail like development team information, games that will run on your system config and more."


Nvidia game browser.

Nvidia to simplify their product lineup, so you won't need this site anymore...

So Nvidia wants Joe "Where's the Any key?" Consumer to better understand the GeForce product range. Nvidia's Vice President of Content Business Development, Mr. Roy Taylor has confirmed that Nvidia is aware of the problem and they are working on a solution.

So what can they do? What control does Nvidia have over the graphics cards that customers purchase? They control the default specifications and features of each card type and the base name of each card type. So basically the only thing that they control which could help the average dude is the name of the card. Maybe numbers are too difficult to understand. Maybe if Nvidia went with a hot sauce naming system (Mild, Medium, Hot) it would be so much easier...

GPUReview video podcast! Ask me questions, lots of questions.

Out of the blue, I have decided to try my hand at making a video podcast type thing using my digital camera and the service known as YouTube. I can talk about the recent news that we've posted and answer questions from you guys. I am looking for questions about the following subjects:

       "How to" type questions about video cards.

        Questions about the video card industry.

        Questions about specific video cards or video card types.

        Questions or comments about this site.

        What sites you guys read for video card reviews.

        Questions for me in general. The more interesting or amsuing the better. ;)


So leave a question in the comments area for this post. Please hurry, because I want to film the first episode this weekend. I am very excited about this!



Video podcast time!

Well here we go....

The YouTube embeding is not working now, but Mike will have it fixed soon.

GPUReview.com Video Podcast Episode 1 Part 1
GPUReview.com Video Podcast Episode 1 Part 2
GPUReview.com Video Podcast Episode 1 Part 3

By the way, Part 3 ends very suddenly because I forgot that I have a totally exellent picture of Carmen Electra in the nude as my desktop. I was unable to censure her boobies so I had to end the video. I blame Carmen for being so damn hot. I will make sure to change my desktop background the next time I do a video podcast. 

Here is your link dump:

Zalman cooling products.

Arctic Cooling VGA coolers.

Thermaltake DuOrb , VGA air coolers and VGA waterblocks.

Thermalright VGA heatsinks. 

Only Brits care about ATI article.

The Tech Report article that plots performance/$10 versus FPS in PC games like Crysis.

Evga's page for their Precision Overclocking tool.


9 days later he makes another news post.

I am such a lazy jerk you guys. I do a video podcast then I don't make another post for a whole week. Of course there are excuses. Excuses like I have not had time to search forums and sites for news that is worth posting...

So I feel bad. I feel like I am letting you down. So here comes a post with some things in it. Prepare yourself!

Apparently AMD and Nvidia are attempting to kill me by releasing their new cards within two days of each other in June. I have enough work to do when I only have to enter reviews and specs on one new card like the 9800 GX2. According to that article, AMD is launching the HD 4850 on the 16th and then Nvidia is launching the 260 and 280 two days later. Aye carumba!

According to an Asian site that this VR-Zone forum dude translated the GTX 280 will give us twice the perfromance of a 9800 GX2. The GTX 280 will also have 240 shader processors which is more than any Nvidia card except the 9800 GX2 (which has 256 due to its dual GPU/dual PCB design).

NordicHardware has revealed the core and memory speeds of the HD 4850 and 4870. I changed our pages for those cards to match the speeds they reported.

I will also take this opportunity to tease a news story that I hope to post soon. I have notified Evga that another video card manufacturer has stolen one of their trademarks. If any of you can guess which company is infringing on Evga's trademark, or what the trademark is before I post the story, I will be impressed. You can leave a comment with your guess, but if you guess correctly I won't approve your comment until I write the full story.

The best ads I've ever seen.

I am a big Penny Arcade fan and I really enjoy everything they produce. Especially these ads for their very own PC/360 game. Check em out! Here is a link to where Wired's blog comments on the greatness of these ads. If you want to try or buy the game for your PC, Mac or Linux box please go here.

RSPD ad one.

ad two ad 3

Nvidia video card owners will be able to help fight Alzheimer's and cancer!

If they feel like it...

Legit Reviews has written up an article that reports on a presentation given by Standford's Folding@home professor, Mr. Vijay Pande. During the presentation Mr. pande announced that Nvidia's graphics cards will soon be able to fold for the cause along side ATI's graphics cards and Sony's PlayStation 3s. Apparently there are 70 million Nvidia cards out there in people's machines. If the owners of all those cards decided to run Folding@home, the amount of computing power being used would increase from 1.9 petaFLOPS to 7,001.9 petaFLOPS.

The launch date of the Nvidia Folding@home client has not been announced yet.

For more information on GPU and PS3 folding please check out the Folding@home Wiki page.


Will The Real GeForce 9 Series Please Stand Up?

In the past few days, tons of information about nVidia's next generation video cards has surfaced. It seems the true heir to the ground-breaking GeForce 8 Series has finally arrived. Specs are listed below, note that the stream processors in these new cards are supposedly 50% faster than those in the GeForce 8 series.

GeForce GTX 280 (GeForce 9900 GTX?)

  • 240 Stream Processors
  • 512-bit Memory Interface
  • 602/1296MHz core/shader
  • 1107MHz memory (141 GB/sec)
  • 32 ROPs
  • DirectX 10.0 Compliant
  • 1 GB GDDR3 Memory
  • PureVideo HD
  • PhysX Ready
  • Tri-SLi Support

GeForce GTX 260 (GeForce 9900 GTS?)

  • 192 Stream Processors
  • 448-bit Memory Interface
  • 576/?MHz core/shader
  • 999MHz memory (111 GB/sec)
  • 28 ROPs
  • DirectX 10.0 Compliant
  • 896 MB GDDR3 Memory
  • PureVideo HD
  • PhysX Ready
  • Tri-SLi Support

I'm not 100% confident about the clock speeds, but the rest of the specs have been echoed from a couple of different sources and appear to be accurate.

I'm pretty sure these cards are going to stomp ATi's upcoming RV770 based cards. However, nVidia is rumored to be pricing the GTX 280 at $600. ATi, on the other hand, is shooting for around $300 with its single-chip RV770 boards. This sets the stage for a dual RV770 (aka R700) vs GTX 280 matchup at the $600 price point. Not sure who will end up faster there, but an SLi GTX 280 setup will almost certainly be faster than Quad-RV770 due to scaling issues with 4 cores. So I'm predicting nVidia will retain the overall performance crown and we'll see some great competition at the $600 price point.

Pics can be found here. More discussion here and here.

Radeon 4000 Series Pics & Specs!

Toms Hardware has all the details here. Nothing too surprising. It looks like an RV770-based X2 card isn't planned to launch this summer? So I foresee nVidia dominating the high-end once again and ATi giving us some very solid prices in the mid to upper-mid range.

MSI busts out the Turbo button (again) for their new 9600 GT.

Remember the MSI Twin Turbo 8600 GT? It featured a Turbo button and dual BIOS feature. For more information check out our story for the 8600 GT.

Well MSI is back to satisfy your need to push Turbo buttons. Behold the MSI GeForce N9600GT Diamond! The card features DisplayPort, HDMI and optical audio out as well. The overclock speeds have not been specified yet but apparently the voltage will increase when the you press the button. Neat!


TweakTown MSI 9600 GT Diamond image.
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