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Nvidia & AMD throw in the towel to appease our new OnLive overlords.

You heard it here first kids! Nvidia and AMD have officially dropped out of the consumer video card business after both companies realized that OnLive will soon make all gaming PCs obsolete. OnLive is the hot story from this year's Game Developer Conference. GDC may be over but Joystiq just posted the first part of their interview with Steve Perlman (OnLive's founder) in which he stated that he wants people to be skeptical. 

Consumers may be skeptical, but Nvidia and AMD are smart enough to know when they should bow out gracefully to a better product and solution. Both companies have scrapped their plans for their next generation of cards and they have also halted all of their driver development. All of the employees working on video card hardware and software have been let go, but many have been able to get higher paying gigs at Rearden.


Throw in the towel

Nvidia and AMD have both brought down their official sites in order to remove all the pages associated with their failed video card products. The redesigned sites are expected to be back soon so keep checking the following links:



Gigabyte GTX 275 and HD 4890 pages are up now.

This is not a joke. The pages are up and they look like they are actually fully filled out. We have the GTX 275 model GV-N275UD-896H and the HD 4890 model GV-R489-1GH-B. Once we get all the information we need to create the GTX 275 and HD 4890 entries, I can add these to the database.

Here are pics even!

Gigabyte GTX 275
Gigabyte HD 4890

HD 4890 and GTX 275 launch day.

I have gotten the HD 4890 stuff all squared away but I am going to have to work on the GTX 275 when I get home tonight. I also want to post an overclocking round-up for both cards, so look for that tonight as well.


I got the GTX 275 stuff all taken care of now. Here are the requisite Nvidia GTX 275 and AMD HD 4890 links.


GTX 275

GPUReview's HD 4890 and GTX 275 overclocking roundup!

Back when I posted the HD 4870 overclocking round up, I thought that GDDR5 at 4,400MHz was "shiek". Well now 4,800Mhz is all the rage.


HD 4890 Overclocking

Those memory overclocks are really impressive, but the GTX 275 has a higher average core overclock, and it has the shader overclock going for it as well.


GTX 275 overclocks

17 GTX 295s installed into a single rig not enough. Needs 6 more.

ByGamerForGamer has posted a video showing 17 of the eventual 23 GTX 295s that he installed into his server rig. I have not viewed the video yet (YouTube is blocked where I am) but I hear that it is pretty hot. Literally. That many GTX 295s will melt your eye parts off.

I wonder if this is gonna be one of those OnLive servers that will allow me to play Crysis on my laptop...

How should we use the dual slot (DS) column?

On our card pages we have a column labeled with "DS" which stands for dual slot. The purpose of this column is to let our readers know if a video card occupies 2 slots. But what does "occupies 2 slots" really mean? I have identified three different kinds of configurations which I think COULD be decribed as dual slot. There are cards that take up two expansion slots on your case that are also 2 slots thick (GTX 295, GTX 285, HD 4870 X2 etc...). These types of cards are dual slot in every sense of the word.

Then there are the two designs shown below. The top is a watercooled HD 4890 from PowerColor. It has a dual height connector plate, but the waterblock on this card is only 1 slot thick. Should this be classified as a dual slot card? I am inclined to say yes. Unless you remove the top part of the connector plate (the vent) you will not be able to install a card directly below it.

Dual Slot

The blue card at the bottom is a HD 4670 from HIS. It has a one slot connector plate, a one slot heatsink on the GPU side (not shown) and then a one slot blue heatsink on the top of the card. Technically this card does take up two slots inside the case but normally people are concerned with the thickness of the cooler on the GPU side only. I do not currently label these type of cards as dual slot cards. Do you guys think I should? Let me know in the comments section.


When the new site is ready I think it might be a good idea to change the DS column to allow for numerical values since some cards are 3 slots thick now. 1 would be the default value of course.

More GeForce 3D Vision test drive centers open now.

In our review we mentioned how important it is for people to try 3D Vision out before they can develop an interest in it. Well I was toolin' around the 3D Vision pages at Nvidia's site and I noticed that several more test drive centers are open now. Even better, some of these places are in the US! California even! Apparently some store called Central Computers is the exclusive US retail 3D Vision demo store. Which is shame since they have only 4 stores, all of which are in Claifornia.

Well hold on. They say that they are "The only Bay Area stores with this demo" and then they also say "WE ARE THE ONLY RETAIL STORES THAT HAVE THIS DEMO". I hope that only the first claim is true because it is my firm belief that 3D Vision test drive centers need to be spread across our great land. From sea to shining sea as it were.

I have some good news for those of you that live in the South Eastern United States by the way. From May 22-25 I will be in Birmingham Alabama attending Play On Con. But wait there's more! I will have all my GeForce 3D Vision gear with me. If you guys are interested in checking it out at the con, send me a message using our contact form or leave me your email address in a comment (I will remove your email address before I approve your comment).

Customer service kudos.

[H]ard|Forum member Stanley Pain RMAed his BFG 8800 GTX and received a 1GB 9800 GT OC in exchange. He wasn't quite sure this was an equal trade so he decided to ask his [H]ard|Forum brethren. A person named Crosshairs then posted a comparison link from GPUReview.com (Thanks man!) to illustrate the bandwidth and pixel fill rate differences between the two cards.

What happened then you ask? Well Jeff.Kozlowski, the [H]ard|Forum BFG Support rep stepped in to turn Stanley's frown upside down:


OP - I believe that you were sent the wrong card by mistake. The replacement card should not have been the 9800 GT 1GB. I can look into why that happened, but in the meantime can you send me your contact information and RMA number via PM so I can get this taken care of for you?

BFG love.
Jeff fulfilled his promise by hooking Stanley up with a 1GB GTS 250, which is actually a small step up from his 8800 GTX. As I said in the thread, "This is why BFG deserves its place at the top of American video card manufacturers". If you guys come across any stories like this (a company's customer support really going above and beyond) please let us know about them. They deserve to be recognized for their commitment.

MSI releases a 'Military Class' GTX 260.

You heard that right. This GTX 260 is of such high quality that the men and women of the US Military can rely on it. MSI has a press release and a mini site up for the NGTX260 Lighting, but here's a list of the features that are really worth mentioning.



NGTX260 Lightning

AMD launches the first 40nm video card, the HD 4770.

Late last night I noticed that four HD 4770s appeared on Newegg and I knew what that meant. It meant that today would be launch day. At this point I have added the RV740 chip and the HD 4770 to the database and I have hooked up the four models that Newegg has in stock. I will be adding more card and reviews to the database all day long so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some handy Newegg links for your consuming pleasure:

 Gigabyte HD 4770 $109.99 
 HIS HD 4770 $99.99 After Rebate  
 PowerColor HD 4770 $99.99 After Rebate 
 Sapphire HD 4770 $99.99 After Rebate 

Sapphire HD 4770

GPUReview's HD 4770 overclocking roundup!

It was very important for me to include a new column in this overclocking roundup. The Catalyst Control Center was limiting reviewers to 830/3,400 and according to [H]ard|OCP:

Every third party utility we tried did not work yet with this video card. There is potential here just waiting to come out.

Guru3D was able to make use of an internal beta version of Rivatuner since they are the ones who develop the tool, and TechPowerUp used a successor to ATI Tool (whatever that means). Please take note of the massive (25-38%) memory overclocks on these cards. Apparently the GDDR5 memory chips are rated at 4,000MHz officially, but it is understood that they can go even higher.

HD 4770 OCs
none   none