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CeBIT 2008 Day 0 (9800 GX2s galore!)

If you are looking for some purdy pictures of retail 9800 GX2s then look no further than Hexus. They have spotted boards from Evga, Foxconn, and Albatron. Evga even has a watercooled edition on display.


Evga watercooled 9800 GX2


Hexus has also located a watercooled Atomic 3870 X2 from Sapphire and a passively cooled 9600 GT from MSI. Enjoy!

PC Perspective has pictures of the Albatron GX2 from all sides. 

PowerColor shows us the first 3870 X2 with GDDR4.

Look what I found in the parser today! The card has what looks like 3 DVI ports, one HDMI port and the GDDR4 is clocked to 2,252MHz instead of the 1,800MHz GDDR3 stock speed. Super fast memories for everyone!


PowerColor HD 3870 X2 with GDDR4

CeBIT 2008 Day 2 (More 9800 GX2 pics...yawn...)

You may notice that there is no "Day 1" post on this page. I did not really read anything worth posting yesterday. Today all I got is some more 9800 GX2 pics and a 8800 GT from MSI that has dynamic cooling. The fan on this card has a GPU temp monitor which tells the fan when it is time to turn on. When the fan is not on, the card is cooled passively. Here is a picture of this card, and here is a short interview with a MSI guy about this card (put your cursor over the pic and video controls will appear).

On the 9800 GX2 side from bit-tech, we have more pics and a short article about the Evga watercooled 9800 GX2, and some pics of the Albatron and MSI offerings. Overclocker'sClub has a whole page dedicated to various graphics cards. The page includes GX2's from Albatron, Galaxy, and Inno3D.

Finally! Something worth posting.

Nvidia Vice President, Mr. Neil Trevett loves his self-proclaimed gold digging girlfriend so much, he lets her call him "Piggy" and he sends her platinum credit cards when she goes on trips. I hope that credit card was not directly funded by Nvidia...

All hail Neil "Piggy" Trevett and his foul mouthed hoochiemama. 

Here's how I found about this. 

Piggy reading the paper while she draws them a bubble bath. Check out all those Louis Vuitton bags and luggage.

From the post she made on their 6 year anniversary:

"We agreed that when our stocks hit $40.00 then we will cash out and go to Dubai.  Another $10.00 to go in this "recession"."


Piggy and his girl.

Early 9800 GX2 test results.

TweakTown got a 9800 GX2 sent to them annonymously and put it to work. It looks like it out performs the 3870 X2 in everything except HL2 Episode 2. Enjoy.

GeForce 9800 GX2 launch!

I have added all the 9800 GX2 cards I could find and I linked up all the cards that Newegg has on sale. I am not sure if I will be able to do much more than that until late tonight or tomorrow. I have a lot of work to do today and I have plans tonight. I promise you all that I will get things done as fast as I can. I still need to link up all the reviews I can find, then I want to make my patented overclocking table.

Nvidia 9800 GX2 product page.
Apparently all GX2s will have LED lights on them!

A quote from [H]ard|OCP about the lights: 

Another interesting thing about this video card, it lights up! This will be true for all GeForce 9800 GX2s; they have several LEDs placed throughout the video card for various purposes to indicate problems. The first ones you will notice are around the power connectors. If you have power properly plugged in the connectors will light up green. If you do not, they will light up red. There are also LEDs right inside the exhaust slights, 3 LEDs on both sides, that light up the back with glowing green light. Then there is another green and blue light right on the bracket itself, and when it is dark you can see the blue light shining through the top of the video card.


Reference pic of 9800 GX2.

Evga and BFG trade in program news!

Evga has extended their trade in program from 90 to 120 days in celebration of the 9800 GX2 launch. Be advised that this is a limited time offer and that after the offer is over, the program will go back to 90 days.

BFG is launching their "Trade Up Program" today. Their program features a 100 day trade up period but only graphics cards launched after February 21 2008 are eligible right now. That means that if you bought a 9600 GT, you can trade up to a 9800 GX2. That is a "trade up" of over $400. Their program will probably become more attractive after cheaper 9,000 series cards (like the 9800 GTX) are launched.

GPUReview's 9800 GX2 overclocking round up!

Well not many sites had the balls to overclock the 9800 GX2...but here are the results for the sites that did!


9800 GX2 OC chart.

Asus 9800 GTX pics and specs.

TechConnect Magazine has information on Asus' 9800 GTX. You can click on this link to see what they got, but before you do, here is a taste:

UPDATE:  One of our anonymous commenters has correctly pointed out that TechConnect has pulled their article down until April Fool's Day. Thanks!

TechConnect's Asus 9800 GTX stuff.

New manufacturer added. Meet KFA2!

Please excuse the headline, it does not allow superscripts apparently. The real name of this manufacturer is KFA2 . KFA2 is a side brand of Galaxy Tech, kinda like 3D Fuzion was for BFG back in the day, but without the crappy. I noticed that cards for this manufacurer are showing up in uh..places so I thought I should go ahead and add them to our system here. You can read about their 9600 GT in this roundup article and you can buy many of their products over at TigerDirect. I have not finished adding all their cards to the system yet, but you can use this link to see the ones that I have added so far.



KFA2 logo.

Asus mocks your dual GPU card by putting 3 GPUs on one card.

For clarity I want to begin by saying that this is a concept for now, and that Asus may or may not manufacturer and sell this card. 

Nordic Hardware tells us that the card is called the ASUS EAH3850 Trinity. It features 3 3850 GPUs (RV670) on a dual slot form factor and 4 DL-DVI ports. Two of the GPUs are located on the back (or top) of the card and the third is located on the usual side. All three GPUs are cooled by heatsinks that are connected to a watercooled copper block by copper heatpipes. The watercooling is performed by a self contained unit that fits in two 5.25" drive bays.

If Asus can give customers a reason to buy this card instead of a single HD 3870 X2, I think we may actually see this for sale sometime this year. Do you guys think that a product like this will sell?


Nordic Hardware HD 3850 Trinity pic.

The Asus N7600GS/HTD/256M is officially full of WIN!

This is an unaltered pic from Asus' N7600GS/HTD/256M page

Asus N7600GS/HTD/256M is full of win.

I loled. (By the way, the page for this card was created today, even though it is for a 7600 GS.) Could this picture be more funny? I want to see you guys photoshop this picture to make it even more hilarious. Post a link to your pic in the comments section and I will post it in this news post with your name.

UPDATE: This card was available on Newegg not too long ago. Check out those reader reviews

From Gapper100:



Jimday666's entry.


bls_met@l's pic.


Anoyance's pic.



All of the above pics are nothing when compared to irhira's Nappa/DBZ reference:


The GeForce 9800 GTX: What Was nVidia Thinking?

Today T-Break has a full review published of the unannounced but hotly anticipated GeForce 9800 GTX. We've known for quite a while that the 9800 GTX was nothing more than yet another G92 derivative. But now that I've actually seen a review, I have to confess that I'm completely confused and rather annoyed.

nVidia's card naming scheme has been relatively consistent over the past several years. New architectures get a x000 name change, and refreshes get 0x00. This was true for the GeForce 4 (Ti4600 -> Ti4800), the GeForce FX (FX5800 -> FX5900), GeForce 6 (GeForce 6800 -> no refresh), and GeForce 7 (7800 -> 7900). But with the 8800 series, nVidia decided that the refresh, for some bizarre reason, would get a name change usually reserved for major architectural changes. If nVidia were to be consistent, the 9800 GTX would be an 8900 GT. That's right, not even a GTX since it has less memory and a smaller memory bus!

The closest nVidia has come to this kind of naming confusion before was with the 7800 GTX which, arguably, was more like a 6900 Ultra. The architecture hadn't changed much at all, they just added 8 more pipelines to the 6800 Ultra and called it a 7800. This fact was pointed out by many but wasn't much cause for concern since the 7800 GTX brought tremendous performance improvements.

The 9800 GTX brings no such performance boost. In fact, it's slower than the 8800 Ultra in most benchmarks, and slower than the 8800 GTX whenever you crank up the resolution and eye-candy. So why would nVidia do such a thing?

I have a couple of theories, neither seems particularly sensible. Theory 1: nVidia is simply copying ATi's Radeon 2000 -> 3000 move from last year. Maybe they felt that letting ATi's model numbers get close to theirs was somehow bad for business. Theory 2: nVidia wants their next architecture to be the GeForce 10 (or GeForce X) to mark some large departure in architecture or nomenclature. To make the transition a little smoother they decided to throw away the GeForce 9 label on the GeForce 8 series' refresh.

Whatever the case may be, I don't see this as a positive move for nVidia. When the 9800 GTX officially launches they're going to have every major review site on the web talking about how they choked and the GeForce 9 series is a total disaster. The last thing nVidia needs is everyone calling the GeForce 9 their next NV30.

Update from Steve:

I agree with Theory 2 from Mike's second to last paragraph. I have heard from a video game developer friend of mine that Nvidia is making some really bold statements about their next generation. Of course companies often love "talking up" their own products that they have yet to release, but apparently this Nvidia person was very sincere and/or convincing. 

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