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The HD 5450 and HD 5570 have been added.

I really hope that this falls into the better late than never category. The HD 5450 and HD 5570 were launched earlier this month and like some sort of immortal demon for whom time has no meaning, I just finished adding them to the site. These graphics cards are cheap DirectX 11 cards for your HTPC or workstation which are a return to GDDR3 and DDR2 memory for ATI.

I have been able to find the names of the graphics chip(s) that the HD 5670, 5570 and 5450 are using so for now I have tweaked the RV850 chip for each of these cards so that the fill rate and operation numbers all come out to match the advertised speeds. If any of you can find the chip names for these cards, please let me know.

Radeon HD 5450 and HD 5570

I receieved a free copy of Dark Void from Nvidia (thanks Nvidia!) for the PC because it supports 3D Vision and PhysX but it turns out that it is a really bad game that is not fun at all. I was completely unable to shoot any UFOs during the opening of the game (which by the way is the worst opening for a game ever) even after tinkering with the controls for a long time. They should have called the game Dark Avoid, because you should avoid it.

Nvidia announces the launch date for the GTX 480 and GTX 470.

Yesterday Nvidia launched this handy page that detailed their plans for PAX East and I was totally jazzed to see that the GTX 480 would be available for hands on enjoyment. I will make a point to stop by Nvidia's booth to get all the details on their new line. I was under the impression that the PAX East  appearance would be a sneak peek of the GTX 480, but it turns out that Nvidia is launching their new stuff on March 26th, which is the first day of the convention.

If you are attending PAX East and you want to hang out with me, leave your contact information in a comment to this post. I will remove your contact info before I approve your comment. Or if you prefer, you can use our contact form. None of you has ever had the courage to meet me in person yet, perhaps you will be the first!


PAX East logo

It is HD 5830 launch day!

There is another HD 5000 series video card coming out this month. This one is being released in the 'sweet spot' between the 5850 ($300) and 5770 ($150) and if the reviews are any indication, the HD 5830 is well worth the money. It looks like if you decrease the AA level by one notch, the HD 5830 will net you the same amount of frames per second as the more expensive HD 5850.

Some of these boards are looking pretty sweet by the way.

Various HD 5830s
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