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Evga offers its customers an official voltage tuning tool.

For those of you that own an Evga GTX product and crave more GPU voltage this will be right up your alley. I give you... the Evga GPU Voltage Tuner (GVT)! So make sure you own of the listed cards, have the 181.22 or newer drivers, and are running Vista or Windows 7 before you waste the precious time it will take you to login and download the tool.


Evga GPU Voltage Tuner

A new cheaper GTX 260 is on the way...

So that means this is the 4th time the GTX 260 is getting a makeover. First there was the launch GTX 260, the GTX 260 with 216 shader processors and then the 55nm version with 216 SPs. The changes present in this new 260 are all PCB related though. If that is true, it might be impossible for me to tell which GTX 260s are using the new design. The manufacturers will not mention the new PCB on the web pages for the new cards and it will be difficult to see the differences when looking at the card with its cooler on it.

Well, the new GTX 260 will be $10 to $15 cheaper than the current 55nm design and it will be available before March. So... hurray!

Colorful GTX 260s

Legit Review's take on the GeForce 3D Vision system.

Legit Review was lucky enough to get a hold of the 3D Vision glasses and Samsung monitor in their hands before CES and now they have posted a very informative article after spending 30 days with it. I only hope that my review ends up being just as good. I am currently talking to Nvidia about getting a review unit and right now I am waiting for a monitor to become available. Now that Legit Review is (finally) done with their monitor, maybe I will get the one they were using!

Here are some things highlighted in the review that I was unaware of:

There are configurable keyboard shortcuts for modifying several 3D Vision settings while you are still in game. On that same page is information on 3D laser sights. Nvidia has been able to place the in-game laser sight at the correct depth for some games, but for other games, you can choose a 3D laser sight that will appear on your target. At the bottom of the page, you get some details on taking 3D screenshots that you can view using an included 3D picture viewer. Saving screenshots in 3D equals awesome in my book.

The author of this article compared the Samsung 2233RZ 3D monitor to his Samsung 204B monitor. That is totally sweet because I use a Samsung 204B for my gaming needs. In the picture below you can see the widescreen 2233RZ on the left and the 204B on the right.



On this page you can find a table showing the performance hit (in Left 4 Dead) that enabling 3D Vision has on a quad core system with a single GTX 260 with 216 shaders. Since I have 2 GTX 280s in SLI, I will be able to provide more data about the performance drop on a single card and also two cards. I also want to give you guys some data from more than one game. I wanna try out Far Cry 2, F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin and Fallout 3 for sure.

The last thing that suprised me is that when you play each game for the first time with 3D Vision enabled, Nvidia displays some pretty useful info. You get a rating from Nvidia on how well the game takes advantage of 3D Vision and some tips on how to get the best experience in the game you are in.


The infos

I want to end this story with something I really hope I can pull off. I want to measure the effects of playing an exciting/terrifying game in 3D versus playing it in 2D. So I am going to look for a way to monitor my heart rate while playing Left 4 Dead (on expert) and F.E.A.R 2. If you guys know of a cheap or easy way for me to record some medical data, please leave a comment on this story.

Optimizations On The New Site

I've been working steadily on completely rewriting GPUReview from scratch these past months, and things are starting to come together. I'm nearing completion on the single card pages and the comparison page, and I thought you guys might like to see some of the optimizations I've been doing to make the site faster. Below are graphs of the old site vs the new site in terms of the content that makes up the single card page. The new site already has more features than the old site, and yet, it's many times smaller:


                                Old site is slow
New site is fast

Demand is no longer an alcoholic, but Nvidia's execs are.

So demand has dried up which has caused Nvidia's sales to decrease by 60% when compared to last year's fourth quarter. Nvidia posted a revenue of only $418 million dollars this quarter which is piddley when compared to last year's 1.2 billion dollar 4th. Due to this quarter's lackluster sales, Nvidia posted a loss of 147.7 million dollars.

I hope that Nvidia won't be damaged to badly by these low sales figures. We all need them to keep fighting the good fight so that we can continue buying kick ass cards for less than $500.


Poor sales

Retail box Zotac 9800 GT OC for $85 before midnight tonight.

If you need one (or two) go get 'em now before they are gone or before the 24 hour sale ends.

UPDATE: It's after midnight on the East coast and the deal is still available and it is also $5 cheaper now.

UPDATE The 2nd (2/13/09): It is back in stock and it is selling for $89.99 after rebate again.

9800 gt

A video card by any other name...

The GTS 240 will be upon us soon. This card has a dark secret which has already been revealed. Do not be fooled! For under the guise of a GTS 240 lies an overclocked 9800 GT! (Duh duh duh!)

There is more! The GTS 240 is not alone, for the GTS 250 will also be using this covert tactic to infiltrate your wallet. We have received reliable intel which claims that the GTS 250 is exactly the same as the 9800 GTX+.

We hereby urge all video card consumers to remain vigilant in these confusing times. Warn your friends and neighbors and make sure to practice your counter-insurgency drills daily.

GPUReview High Command HQ

General Steve McBarnes

P.S. There is a 9800 GT Green Edition too.

The rumors are true. I host podcasts.

This is a multi-page article because I want to use the page views to see how many of you are interested in my podcast projects. All the podcast links are on the next page so click on through to check 'em out. 

A long time ago I found out about a Team Fortress 2 podcast call Control Point. I listened to the introductory episode and I was hooked. I listened to every single episode and I played TF2 on their servers at least 4 days a week. In one podcast, Eric Fullerton (Nailhead) mentioned that he needed a new video card right around the time I was ready to get rid of my 8800 GTX (and motherboard). So I emailed him and offered him my card and motherboard for a super low price. Needless to say, I think that is when Eric and the other hosts became aware of my existence.

Read The Full Article

Things are in the works.

It has been too long since my last post so I want to let you guys know that I am working on something cool. I am currently working on GPUReview's second video card review. While it is our second review, it is our first review of a card that has not been launched yet... which also means we got it for free. (Hey Mike, did I ever tell you how much I love my job?)

Riddle me this, riddle me that, what video card am I now looking at?

You will have to wait a few days to find out. See you then!


The Riddler!
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