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A review of that overpriced watercooled, BFG 512MB 8800 GTS.

Remember the story I wrote about the newest overpriced watercooled card from BFG? Well [H]ard|OCP has just posted a review of the card. I thought you would like to know.

"Though all this does not come cheap with an MSRP of $529 on BFGTech's website. If we look at the current cost of Danger Den’s full card 8800 GTS waterblock we can find out about how much you could save by installing it yourself (though at the time of writing this they are not selling a compatible block). The current blocks cost $135 which means you could save money by installing the block yourself and of course you would be voiding your warranty. The beauty of the BFGTech video card is that it is fully under warranty with the waterblock already installed."

Yeah. That sounds familar. 

[H]ard|OCP smacks Anandtech in the face with a chunk of logic.

[H]ard|OCP has a new article up about "Benchmarking the Benchmarks". In this article they prove that there is a huge difference between running a Timedemo (Render this demo as fast as you can) and playing the exact same demo (I am controlling my character in real time). They made their own demo (because you can't play the Timedemo included in Crysis) while recording the FPS, then they ran the demo they made. Here are those results:


[H]ard|OCP image.


So the HD 3870 X2 saw an increase of 22% ((41.2/33.7) - 1) between playing the demo and running the demo. Using the same demo and settings, they tested a 8800 GTX. The GTX improved by only 14% ((45.3/39.6) - 1). 14% and 21% are not the same numbers. They are not equal. Think hard about what that means, I will give you some time...

If running Timedemos on two cards really did tell you exactly how well both of the cards played the game, then those percentages would be exactly the same. Card A would get 22% more FPS when running the Timedemo when compared to playing the Timedemo, and Card B would get 22% more FPS when running the Timedemo when compared to playing the Timedemo. That is not what is happening though. The percentages are not the same. 22 does not equal 14 which means:

The difference in performance between two cards running a Timedemo does not equal the difference in performance between the two cards playing that same demo (or game). Therefore, Timedemo benchmarks in reviews are worthless to people who play games and are only helpful to people that like to run Timedemos as fast as they can. 

Before I get any hate mail about how I am a [H]ard|OCP fanboy, let me say this. I like reading [H]ard|OCP because their content is rooted in logic and common sense. I am a fan of logic and things that make sense, which makes me a fan of [H]ard|OCP. Show me another site that is as logical and "true" as [H]ard|OCP and I will read it. 

Tell us what games you are playing!

So what have you guys being playing with your kick ass graphics cards? Maybe some Crysis. Perhaps some Unreal Tournament 3. What about Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty 4, or World of Warcraft? Leave a comment and tell us all about it.

On a related subject, GPUReview.com has their own Steam Community group and we would love to get more members. It is invite only, so post your Steam ID (your user name when you log into Steam) in a comment to this story and I will add you to our group. We still need apicture forour group btw...

Spore finally got a release date today. You will finally be able to play God from the beginning of an organism all the way through to a civilization capable of deep space travel starting on September 7th 2008. It is going to be so fun and so addicting. I plan on making a species of Flying Spaghetti Monsters.

Asus HD 3850 OC Gear is now on Asus' site.

Do you remember the 8600 GT with the OC Gear package? If you have read this site before, you may recall it. Well now, Asus has a page up for a new HD 3850 OC Gear. It seems like they have even added some more OC Gear display features to this one. Huzzah!

Here are the old display functions:

1. System Master Volume
2. GPU Speed
3. GPU Temperature
4. Current FPS (Frames Per Second) Info
5. GPU Fan Speed ++

++ You are allowed to adjust the Fan Speed only when installing an ASUS graphics card with fan control function.

Here are the new display functions:

1. System Master Volume
2. GPU Speed
3. GPU Stream Processor++
4. Memory Speed
5. GPU Temperature
6. Current FPS (Frames Per Second) Info
7. GPU Fan Speed +++

++ Adjust the GPU shader clock only for Nvidia’s model
+++ You are allowed to adjust the Fan Speed only when installing an ASUS graphics card with fan control function

So display function #3 has no purpose since the HD 3850 is not a Nvidia card. It might still display the HD 3850's stream processor speed, but since you can't "adjust" the speed, it does not really do anything for you. 


HD 3850 OC Gear pic

All GeForce 8,000 series cards to gain PhysX support.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was quoted as saying during a conference call:

"We're working toward the physics-engine-to-CUDA port as we speak. And we intend to throw a lot of resources at it. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if it helps our GPU sales even in advance of [the port's completion]. The reason is, [it's] just gonna be a software download. Every single GPU that is CUDA-enabled will be able to run the physics engine when it comes. . . . Every one of our GeForce 8-series GPUs runs CUDA."

So soon GeForce 8,000 series owners will get some cool physics features to gawk at while playing GRAW 2 and Unreal Tournament 3

Nvidia's CUDA Zone

GeForce 9,000 series to launch on February 21.

DigiTimes is confident that the GeForce 9,000 series will be launched this Thursday. Specifically, it is the 9600 GT that will usher in the new series from Nvidia. Make sure to check out GPUReview.com on Thursday for all your 9600 GT reviews and news.


Some people (like XMAN245) have their 9600 GT already. Here is his GPU-Z validation for you to inspect. He got his BFG 9600 GT OC from a Best Buy on February 19.


You can buy this BFG 9600 GT OC from Best Buy's website right now! Only $229.99! 


BFG GeForce 9600 GT OC


BFG GeForce 9600 GT OC box

MSI GeForce 9800 GX2 pictures and specs.

TechConnect Magazine has the pictures and specifications for MSI's N9800GX2-M2D1G. The reference speeds for the 9800 GX2 are said to be 600/1500/2000, but this MSI card is rumored to be clocked at 660/1650/2400.

Some sites are saying the GX2 will launch on March 11th, but the always not trustworthy Inquirer says it will be delayed until late March. 


MSI GeForce 9800 GX2

First GeForce 9600 GT page is from Forsa.

Behold the awesome power of the Forsa GeForce 9600 GT! I will work on getting the 9600 GT main page up tomorrow. See you tomorrow!


Forsa 9600 GT

GPUReview's 9600 GT overclocking round up!

The 9600 GT is here and I have done all the leg work for you (again!) in order to give you some overclocking info for the various 9600 GTs that are out there.

We have 46 cards and 22 reviews listed so far and I am going to continue to look for more. Let me know if you find something that we don't have listed. 


GPUReview's 9600 GT OC table.

MSI and Palit go crazy on you!

Yes they have gone crazy for this 9600 GT, but in two distinct ways. MSI has released a grand total of 7 different 9600 GTs, 3 of which contain 1GB of GDDR3.


MSI's 7 different 9600 GTs


Palit and Xpertvision have decided to drown you in an unheard of amount of connectors while they laugh like psychos. Their 9600 GT Sonic cards have a total of 5 video or audio connectors built into the card.

Above you will see the regular 9600 GT Sonic and below is the Limited Edition 9600 GT Sonic that many sites reviewed. You can see the HDMI on the left, then a Display Port, then two DL-DVI ports and finally a SPDIF port for your digital audio needs.


Port explosion.

Nvidia's GeForce 9,000 series roadmap revealed!

NordicHardware has the entire roadmap for the 9,000 series right here. Release dates, MSRPs, core technology, bus width and core and memory clocks all await within! 

UPDATE: NordicHardware has updated their table with more information about the 9800 GTX


Crystal ball gazing.


GeForce 9800 GTX Specs & Pictures at VR-Zone

VR-Zone has some detailed specs on the upcoming GeForce 9800 GTX. Nothing too surprising here, it's a G92 variant with a new type of cooler and higher clock speeds than we've seen before (673 core / 1683 shader). Most notably it will support Tri-SLi.

Full Article

GeForce 9800 GTX GPU-Z screen and 3DMark06 result.

Expreview has tested a single 9800 GTX in 3DMark06 for us. They also posted their GPU-Z readout as well. With this information in hand, I have added the 9800 GTX page to our database. It should be noted that I had to decrease the GTX's texture units from 64 to 56 in order to match the texture fillrate of 37.8GTexel/sec. So far the only G92 card to use all 64 texture units is the 512MB 8800 GTS.


Expreview's 9800 GTX GPU-Z screen
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