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Tales from the Zone known as VR....

Deep from mysterious and forbidden VR Zone comes news of AMD's R600 launch.

"R600 will be launched in CeBIT but cards availability in April and we heard that the official name could be Radeon X2900."

When asked to comment on this news, a shadowy cloaked figure said the following:

"man...ATi is a bunch of $*#+ing morons, availability in April? G81 will be on store shelves by then, they're basically just handing market share to nvidia.."

Yet more tales from the Zone known as VR...

Apparently VR Zone has some super secret spy pics of the R600. I can't view that site from work but I can see some wonderful R600 pics at this page over at Overclockers.com. And before all you guys go nuts, I really don't think that the card will be that long when it hits shelves. The card they show is so long, I don't think it could fit into my giant Thermaltake Armor case.


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New GeForce 8800 GTSs for all the good girls and boys.

Boy do I have lots of fun links for all of you! Well the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB is now official today, and so far the only review I see is from the good folks at [H]ard|OCP. There are a few places to buy this new 8800 GTS online, but the widest selection can be found at Newegg.com which has 7 lovely cards to choose from. The cards at Newegg are all in stock as of this writing and they are priced from $299.99 to $339.99. You should notice that all 4 of the cards priced above $299.99 are overclocked right out of the box. Also, I want to point out that there is a Foxconn 8800 GTS 640MB card at Newegg that is $299.99 as well. I hope that is not a typo! As far as other places to procure (I love that word) this card right now there is only CompUSA and TigerDirect.


I have some more reviews for you!



Legit Reviews


PC Perspective


That $299.99 Foxconn 640MB 8800 GTS was indeed a typo. There are people who bought one before the correction was made and those people are currently wondering what exactly Newegg will ship to them.

Some numbers comparing the 8800 GTX & the X2800 XTX.

I ran across the specifications for the X2800 XTX in this thread over at the [H]ard|Forums. So I decided to throw together a chart to compare the fill rates and operations of the X2800 XTX and various 8800 GTXs. I hope you like it!


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AMD delays the R600 launch, I die a little inside...

AMD has been deploying this heart shattering news via the telephone this morning. Guru3D and tech PowerUp! are here to break the bad news.

Here is a quote from tech PowerUp!:

"To better align our strategy with current market opportunities, we've changed the launch plan for R600. We are going to deliver a competitive configuration to market with an extremely attractive combination of performance, features and pricing, targeting a broader market segment in Q2. With the revised strategy, AMD will be better able to capitalize on the broad appeal of 3D graphics and DirectX 10, being driven in part by the growing popularity of Windows Vista™."

Nvidia is all about "ramping" stuff, will they "ramp" you next?

I am sure that the title of this news post has you wondering what the hell I am talking about. Well X-bit labs wants you to know that Nvidia is "ramping" up the production of their new mobile 8800 series. Here is a small tidbit to get you excited about "ramping":

“We are ramping production on our GeForce 8 family of notebook GPUs, the industry’s first DX10 and high-definition video GPU for notebooks. GeForce 8 will be the only DX10 GPU shipping in the upcoming Santa Rosa notebook launch,” Mr. Huang said."

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