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GeForce 6800 GS AGP Starting To Appear

I've noticed several different versions of the 6800 GS AGP showing up both on manufacturer sites and on retail sites so the card should be available quite soon. I'm somewhat disappointed that the specifications have been altered quite dramatically from the PCI-E version though. The AGP version of the 6800 GS is based on NV40, the same chip as the 6800 GT/Ultra. Unless there's a possibility of unlocking the extra pipelines, the 350MHz core clocke (compared to 425Mhz for PCI-E) will be significantly slower than its PCI-E counterpart. If the pipes unlock the card will be a bargain, otherwise the price will have to come down a little before I'd recommend it. To see what I mean, take a look at the comparison linked below.

6800GS PCI-E vs AGP

nVidia Unveils Quad-SLi

For those of you who managed to miss this story yesterday, you'll definitely want to head on over to PC Perspective and read up on nVidia's new Quad-SLi setup they're showing off in a Dell machine at CES.


Face-Lift for the Card Pages

I finally got the new card pages online that I've been working on for several weeks now. This is the first of many major improvements I have planned, and I'm happy I got them done before school starts getting hectic again. New features include the ability to overclock, enable pipelines, and place the cards in multi-gpu configurations. The rating system has also been extended since I have been getting a really good response with that. You can now rate cards in 6 different categories.

ATi Launches the X1900 Series

This morning the NDAs lift on ATi's latest entry into the high-performance segment: the X1900 XTX. Along with the XTX ('Platinum Edition' isn't cool anymore) we have the regular XT, the X1900 CrossFire Edition, and the All-In-Wonder X1900. Links to the individual card pages are below, lots of reviews are already showing up. Enjoy:

X1900 XTX

X1900 XT

X1900 CrossFire

All-In-Wonder X1900
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