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Palit develops a 3 slot HD 4870 X2. We're going to need a bigger case.

They are calling it the Revolution 700 (R700 get it?) and... it is... thick. Even though Palit is saying that this card has the highest overclocking potential of any R700 card, they are shipping it with reference HD 4870 X2 speeds of 750/3,800. The card will ship with some "overclocking features" though. Here is a top down teaser pic. If you want to see a picture of the card's three slot thickness, please click on the Read The Full Article link.


Palit Revolution 700 HD 4870 X2
Read The Full Article

The HD 4850 X2 is a Sapphire exclusive and here are some reviews.

After reading four reviews I have come away with the following ideas.

1. Sapphire is the only manufacturer that will be making this card. As such the HD 4850 X2 will not get its own page.

2. The card is competitive with or better than a single GTX 280 depending on the game. If Driver Heaven is correct about the price of $419 (Overclockers Club says $350), it will be cheaper than almost any GTX 280.

3. The card is very loud when operating under load but the card does stay very cool.

4. The drivers need some improvement.

5. The card is long (long card is long?), a full one inch longer than the GTX 280.


XFX might begin making AMD cards rumor and other news.

Apparently Kyle has been hearing rumors about XFX partnering up with AMD. Will XFX venture forth into the red forest like Gainward did? I have asked an XFX Support guy for a comment on this and if I get a response (that I am allowed to share) you guys will be the first to know.

In other news, graphics card makers are slowing their production lines down due to the crappy economy of our fine country. First tier makers have already taken action and apparently second tier makers may be considering the possibility of merging with other makers. Hopefully these mergers will not be necessary because we all benefit (non-reference designs and cool bundles) from the competition of card manufacturers.

There are new ATI drivers out that will increase your performance in Far Cry 2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky for people who own HD 3000 and HD 4000 series cards. Enjoy them to the fullest.

The following performance gains are noticed with this release of Catalyst™

  • FarCry 2 – performance gains of 3 to 10% for Single card mode and 8 to 14% in Crossfire mode, with some specific configurations showing even greater improvements. Performance gains were noticed on all Radeon HD4xxx and Radeon
    HD3xxx products.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky – performance gains of 6 to 18% in single card settings and 10 to 30% in CrossfireX mode. Performance gains were noticed on all Radeon HD04xxx and Radeon HD3xxx products.

No word on XFX yet, but Biostar is now in Radeon land.

Biostar has been making only Nvidia cards since the days of the GeForce MX4000 (2004), but now they are ready to join the ranks of dual chipset manufacturers such as Asus, Club3D, MSI, Gigabyte, Palit, and Gainward. I was adding some more Newegg links when I noticed a Biostar HD 4650 and HD 4670 just sitting there. I actually had to confirm that Biostar has not made a Radeon card in the past by searching our site.

Well darn. I looked a little deeper and I found evidence that Biostar makes Radeon cards in other countries. And it looks like those countries include Russia or some other slavic-type place. Looking at those Google results, it seems like Biostar HD 3850 and HD 2600 Pros existed at some point. The Russian Biostar site does not have old Radeon cards listed, but it looks like they are about to add some HD 4600's soon. Same deal for their Latin America, Arabic, PersianTurkish and even Global sites.

Well Biostar is new to the Radeon party on this side of the ocean at least...

Biostar is now redder than it was.

BFG once again proves why they are so great.

The economy is not doing so hot right now. Due to that fact some people who have purchased a video card (or other PC hardware) may have trouble cashing their rebate checks. You should still get your rebate check in the mail, but when you try to cash the check, it may bounce higher than Tigger.

I first found out about this potential problem via this article from [H]ard|OCP. Th article does a great job of descibing how the whole rebate thing works which I will paste right here:

Here is a simple overview of how a rebate with CPG works. Company X puts a rebate on its product, let’s say for $20. Company X expects to pay out 5000 of these rebates to consumers. Company X would then put the $100,000 needed to cover that rebate into CPG’s bank accounts. CPG basically escrows the money for consumers. CPG is trusted with this money in order to make sure the consumer is “safe.”

We have it from good sources currently that CPG owes consumers somewhere in the neighborhood of $9M to $12M worth of rebates. The problem here is that CPG currently only has about $3M in cash to cover that $9M-$12M in rebates owed to the consumer. Where that money has gone to is anyone’s guess and we will leave speculation up the law enforcement authorities and the courts.

A full day after that article hit the Webs, CPG filed for bankruptcy protection. So that's not good for us (consumers) or for companies that had trusted GPG with their money (like BFG). Luckily for us, BFG is all kinds of awesome (See all those different kinds of awesome over there, by that bench? Yeah, BFG is all of those.). All the proof you need can be found in this news post on BFG's site. So let me break it down for you even more:

  1. BFG gives thousands of dollars to CPG to pay for our rebates.
  2. CPG 'lost' all that money.
  3. BFG either litigated to make CPG pay BFG's customers or gave CPG more money.
  4. BFG has avoided pissed off customers.

We love BFG.

...and 4 days later, BFG performed their greatest miracle yet.

BFG is obviously not satisfied with loyal customers because they are on their way to developing a massive following of completely devoted worshippers. This just in, all followers that register their BFG cards and are members of the BFG church will be eligible for tax exempt status by 2012.

Like Jesus, BFG is performing a transformation miracle for their children, but instead of turning water into wine, they are turning AGP video cards into PCI-E video cards! All that is required for us to behold this miracle is to have our BFG AGP video cards registered and in good working condition. That sounds much easier than living a life of righteousness, prayer and self sacrifice.

And much like Moses, BFG hath delivered unto us their divine wisdom in the form of this electronic stone tablet. BEHOLD!


BFG is super neato burrito.

If any of you experience this miracle first hand, please tell us all about it by leaving a comment or sending us an email.

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