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nVidia Hard Launches The 6800 GS

Today nVidia unveiled thier answer to ATi's X800 GTO and the forthcoming X1600 XT. The 6800 GS is essentially a vanilla 6800 with the clock speeds adjusted to make it about as fast as a 6800 GT. The card's MSRP is $249, but it's already selling for well below that. Last I checked newegg.com had the card for $209, an absolute steal for the amount of performance this card puts out. For the standard specs and review list go to the 6800 GS page.

6800 GS

Superlatives Page Updated

There have been a lot of price drops and new cards launched in the past month and the Superlatives page has been updated to reflect this. Notable additions are the X800 GTO and 6800 GS which represent some of the best bang for the buck cards ever made. Head on over to the superlatives page for the full list.

nVidia Hard Launches The 7800 GTX 512

nVidia is on the war path again. Today they hard-launched the 7800 GTX 512, but this card has a hell of a lot more than just more memory. With a 550Mhz core clock and 1.7Ghz memory, the GTX 512 is now the fastest card on the face of the planet. For the standard specs and review list go to the 7800 GTX 512 page.

7800 GTX 512

ATi Launches The All-In-Wonder X1800 XL

ATi launched the latest addition to their legendary All-In-Wonder series today. Unlike some previous AIW cards, this one runs at the full speed of its not so multi-media savvy sibling, the X1800 XL. For the standard specs and review list go to the All-In-Wonder X1800 XL.

AIW X1800 XL
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