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Gainward's ATI card pages are up.

Back in July we told you guys about Gainward's plans to begin making ATI cards. Well now Gainward has put together their first collection of ATI products and you can view all of them (except for their HD 4870 X2) from this page. Most of these cards are based on reference designs, but there are a few dual slot cooler models and one Gainward trademark Golden Sample HD 4850. Have any of you seen these cards available online or offline yet?

Gainward HD 4850 Golden Sample

AMD will be ready for the 2009 launch of DirectX 11.

There is a story on ars technica about what AMD/ATI said at CEATEC. Apparently hardware tessellation will be a part of the DirectX 11 standard and AMD is totally ready for it because of their work on the Xbox 360's hardware tessellation. AMD is also making some claims about moving to a 40nm process sometime next year.

So it looks like AMD is the first to lay its DX 11 'cards' on the table, but I would not be surprised if Nvidia makes some noise very soon. Perhaps at CES in January (I'll be there btw) or perhaps even sooner.


Turn that shit up to 11!

AMD's totally getting high. Whoa dude. Are you digging this air?

I saw this headline for a story over at the [H] so I had to make fun of it. Apparently AMD is higher than it has ever been in the last 6 years... and it is spinning. As a rule, I do not think being high and spinning are two things that one should do at the same time but if it feels good, do it man.

Seriously though. If you own lots of AMD stock, you should celebrate by getting some really expensive and exotic stuff, a bunch of munchies and get nicely toasted.


Then spin around and around really fast. Let me know how that last bit works out for you.

I have returned! BWAH HA HA!

I was gone for several days. (Did you notice? Did you long for my return?) I went to a magical place that is hidden in a very unlikely place...Ohio. I spent a few days at Cedar Point with some Internet friends that I know from PAX. I highly recommend Millennium Force and Maverick btw...

So what's been going on in the video card and PC gaming news lately? Nothing that I can really sink my teeth into unfortunately, but here are some bits of grissle to chew on:

The 178.24 GeForce drivers are out. These drivers feature support for GeForce 9300 and 9400 motherboard GPUs (mGPUs).

On the other side of the great divide, AMD has released the 8.10 Catalyst drivers. Some things were actually fixed in this release, most of it in Vista.

Lots of really sweet games are coming out this fall and many of them will be available on PC. I will even be getting a few of these titles on the PC (Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead) so that I am ready when we write another video card review.


It's time for Nvidia's Big Bang II. Multi-monitor SLi anyone?

Back in late July this blurry slide was leaked onto the Interwebs and after some hard work, [H]ard|Forum member Unknown-One helped us see it clearly. So where is this Big Band II that was supposed to arrive in late September? Well it may be coming in the form of the GeForce 180.10 driver release that VR-Zone just previewed. Along with the preview, VR-Zone posted these control panel screenshots that show multi-monitor SLi.

VR-Zone Multi-Monitor SLi pics.

How long have you multi-monitor SLi setup owners been waiting for this? Your struggle is almost at an end!

Stop! Rumor Time! The Far Cry 2 edition.

A [H]ard|Forum member has stated that Far Cry 2 will be packaged with all GTX 260 and GTX 280 cards soon "...without any charges to the card makers". So if you're looking at getting a GTX, you should probably wait a few days after Far Cry 2's release date (which is tomorrow) to see if you can get this awesome game for free.

I give this rumor about a 78% chance of becoming a trumor (a rumor that turns out to be true) and coolness rating of 8 apples if it is true.

[H]ard|OCP front page post.

The Ubersweet Far Cry 2 Map Editor Presentation from PAX 2008 Part 1 Part 2

UPDATE: [H]ard|OCP has performed some high resolution tests in Far Cry 2 with several cards from the HD 4850 on up to the GTX 280.

UPDATE 2: Escape from San Diego

Seems like this is a trumor after all. BFG is giving you Far Cry 2, 3DMark Vantage Advanced Edition and a BFG LED flashlight when you buy a GTX 260 or GTX 280. XFX is bundling the game with specific GTX 200 and GeForce 9000 series cards. Like BFG, Evga is bundling the game with every GTX 260 and GTX 280 they sell. Some models will ship without the game, but the game will be sent to you after you register your card.

Far Cry 2 shot.

The HD 4830 just moved in and is looking for friends.

It is time to meet the new kid on the block. Will the HD 4830 be accepted by the community, or will the community ignore it and force it to eat lunch alone? Only time will tell.

AMD is "resetting" the performance bar below $150 with this launch. Did you notice how they decided to choose the word "resetting" instead of "lowering"? Lowering the bar is always a bad thing, but resetting the bar that is something that the consumer can live with.

Here are some reviews to tide you over while I get everything setup and ready for the new kid in town.

Legit Reviews Reference HD 4830 

Neoseeker Reference HD 4830

PC Perspective Reference HD 4830

techPowerUP! Reference HD 4830 and PowerColor HD 4830

UPDATE: The HD 4830 page is ready and I have entered all the cards I could find.


AMD HD 4830

GPUReview's HD 4830 overclocking roundup!

Here are the overclock results I was able to gather. I scooped these numbers up while skipping to Grandma's house and I arranged them in pretty table for you.

I compared a HD 4830 clocked at 760/2,210 to a reference HD 4850 and in some ways, the overclocked HD 4830 has faster rates or more bandwidth.

  Memory Bandwidth  FLOPS  Pixel Fill Rate  Texture Fill Rate 
 HD 4830 OC  70.7 GB/sec  972.8 GFLOPS  12,160 MPixels/sec  24,320 MTexels/sec 
 HD 4850  63.552 GB/sec  1,000 GFLOPS  10,000 MPixels/sec  25,000 MTexels/sec 

With that in mind, I should remind you that you can get a Asus HD 4850 for $5 more ($135) than the HD 4830.


HD 4830 overlocking roundup.

HD 4830 cards are shipping to customers with 80 missing stream processors.

Some reviewers noticed that the HD 4830 samples that they received from AMD were missing 80 of their 640 stream processors and now it appears that around 400 HIS branded cards with this problem have made it into the hands of customers. That article says that you can go to HIS website to find updated BIOS that can fix the problem, but I was not able to find them there. Do not despair folks, you can find those BIOS files right here from TechPowerUP!.

Left 4 Dead is coming & our Steam group is looking for new blood.


That's right folks! You heard it here first! We have a GPUReview.com group in the Steam Community and we want you to join us! There are three easy steps to becoming 'one of us' and none of them involve becoming a zombie or ghoul. Here are the steps:

1. Be a person who reads this site occasionally. (I guess this first step is really two steps since being a person is kinda a step in itself...)

2. Have Steam installed on some sort of computer.

3. Leave your Steam name in a comment to this story. (Please make sure that your profile comes up when you enter your Steam name in the Search box in the upper right corner of this page because that is what I'll use to find you. For example, searching for mentok1982 will lead you to one person... me!)

If you have ever dreamed of playing games with me or even just talking directly to me, this is your Golden Ticket! I play lots of Team Fortress 2 and I am always able to chat with people through Steam when I am home. On and after November 18th, I will be playing Left 4 Dead a whole bunch. My clan will only have one server up at first and since each server only holds 8 people, I may be looking for another server to play on. Maybe I'll join whatever server you guys are on...



Who needs "insiders" when you guys have me?

An insider has provided Expreview some spy shots of the HD 4850 X2 card. Then I go over to Sapphire's card picture area and get you guys official pictures of the card and box. You can find the dual GPU HD 4850 on our HD 4850 page for now until we get proof that more other manufacturers are going to make these. It is the same deal we did for Asus' HD 3850 X2.

Who's the man?

Sapphire HD 4850 X2

My ass is bought and paid for.

I am now in the pocket of Galaxy Technology and it is my duty to inform you as such. I just received a free Galaxy GTX 280 from them this morning and now I am counting the hours left in the day before I can go home, install it next to my Evga GTX 280, and play some Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 in gorgeous detail.

You may be reading this and wondering why Galaxy has bestowed this gift upon me. I can assure you that I am not blackmailing them and that they are not paying me back for any sexual services that I have rendered. They are merely thanking me for being an obsessive compulsive grammar and website Nazi.

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