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ATi X1000 Series "Sell Sheets" at techPowerUp!

I'm taking the performance numbers with a grain of salt, but the feature list of ATi's next generation parts certainly looks impressive. techPowerUp! has some exclusive shots of "sell sheets" for the x1300, x1600 and x1800 line of cards...have a look here:

X1800 Sell Sheets

ATi Launches the X1000 Series

After a long wait, ATi launched the highly anticipated follow-up to their X800 generation this morning. Due to some delays, they launched both the high end and mid range cards simultaneously, which means lots of information to digest. I've added all the new cards to the database along with all the reviews I could find. You can find those reviews, separated by card, on the individual card pages below:

X1300 Pro

X1600 XT

X1800 XL

X1800 XT
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