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Nvidia's CES press conference.

This is going to be a very short post due to the fact that I lost the original post that I worked on for about an hour because Nvidia's website crashed my browser. They are having problems with their News page due to CES I guess...

The only thing mentioned in the press conference that you folks would be interested in is that GF100 (Fermi) is "in volume production, ramping very hard and you can get a sneak peak of it here at CES." They also introduced 3D Vision Surround which is three 120Hz monitors arranged in a horizontal fashion. It is obvious that 3D Vision Surround is meant to combat ATI's Eyefinity technology.  

I am hoping that some more GPU related stories will come out of this year's CES, and if they do you can be sure that I will post them here for your reading pleasure.

Tweak News photographed a functioning Fermi engineering sample at Nvidia's booth.

ATI launches the sub $100 HD 5670.

There is now a sub $100 5,000 series video card available from ATI. According to the press release, a single HD 5670 has enough power to allow gaming on three displays using Eyefinity. If true, that is amazing. I will need to find a review that tests that assertion before I accept it as fact.

This release has occured at a very inconvenient time for me so I will not have enough time to get the necessary work done until Saturday. Perhaps by then there will be more than one HD 5670 model for sale on Newegg.

ATI HD 5670

Nvidia distributes some GF100 information.

According to the information Nvidia released, Fermi is going to be a geometry powerhouse and it will also do much better than the HD 5870 at tessellation. I think those of you are that are smarter than me will really be impressed by the fundamental design, so give this stuff a read.


For those of you who likes them newfangled video thingys, check these legit Fermi videos out. On that page Kyle does not say they are authentic, but he does say that on the bottom of this page.

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