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Most of the GT212 specifications have been leaked.

Expreview has obtained (from ze Germans!) a chip comparison chart featuring the GT200, GT200b and GT212 chips. The only crucial piece of information missing from the chart is the number of Raster Operators on the new chip. As soon as I can find out that number, I can add the GT212 chip to our database.

Chip chartken.

XFX lists their HD 4000 series cards.

I've been waiting all day to post this because I wanted more stuff to link to. XFX is "hard launching" their first AMD Radeon video cards today! I have already added all 11 cards to the database and I can honestly say that it felt weird putting XFX's XXX branding behind words like HD 4870.

You can view XFX's HD 4000 series page right here. Said page will also lead you to the HD 4870, HD 4850, HD 4830, HD 4650 and HD 4350 pages. When you get to those pages you will find Buy Now links that will lead you to a page where you can access the "Mini stores" at sites like Newegg, ZipZoomFly and TigerDirect. Unfortunately, none of those "Mini Stores" show any XFX Radeon cards as of right now. I will make sure to update this post when the cards do appear on those sites.

The cards look fine and all, but I am wondering why their two 512MB (and 1GB) HD 4650 models are exactly the same except for their model numbers. Maybe their bundles will be different, but for now they both have "0" entered in their Bundle rows.

Here is the largest picture I could find of their most interesting card, their HD 4850:

XFX HD 4850

CES Update: My Inconvenient Foot Injury

I got here just fine.

I walked around the strip for maybe two hours.

I sat down in a hotel room and talked a friend for about an hour. During that time my right foot began to hurt. When we got up leave the room my foot really bothered me when I put weight on it. I have been unable to stretch it out or relieve the pain yet.

I am going to spend some time in my jacuzzi tub tonight before I go to bed and I am taking some Ibuprofen. My mother also suggested that I sleep with my foot elevated.

I really don't think my foot will become magically healed over night, but I hope it does. Not only will I not be able to enjoy the show tomorrow, I won't be able to enjoy anything else that Vegas has to offer.

I am really pissed. My body has never betrayed me like this before.

I will let you guys know WHEN my condition improves.


I have been in my room staying off my foot for the most part. I am going to attempt to go to the show this afternoon after I buy a pair of sandals or slippers. My foot is not swollen but when I put my tennis shoe on and take a few steps, it hurts like hell.

UPDATE: 1/22/09

You guys can stop trying to diagnose me now. I do appreciate your efforts though. My foot is almost back to being 100% pain free. Also, I don't drink alcohol. Ever.

CES 2009's (Nvidia) video card news.

Even though AMD was in attendance this year they had absolutely no Radeon graphics cards on display... aside from a few I discovered inside some display PCs. AMD says that is because they are in the middle of the HD 4000 series lifecycle and as such they have no new cards to show.

In fact, the only AMD "booth" I could enter without an invitation was a tiny room in the Venetian with a few guys in it watching The Office. There were two desktops, a few AMD based notebooks and some ice cold drinks. Here is a picture of the PC they were watching The Office on:


AMD desktop

They told me it contains two 512MB HD 4870's.

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181.22 drivers include big Devil May (Far) Cry(sis) Warhead 4 gains.

Do you see what I did there? Three of the game titles in this list have the word 'Cry' in them. Sometimes even I am amazed at my cleverness. Nvidia was able to improve the performance of Far Cry 2 by 38% (in comparison to 178 drivers) and Lost Planet: Colonies by a whopping 80%.

The driver is also recommended for the best GPU PhysX experience in Mirror's Edge and apparently there are some new PhysX and CUDA applications to try out as well. I am going to install these drivers for 2 reasons. I wouldn't mind getting even better performance from Far Cry 2, and I want to try out some of these new PhysX apps.

8,000 video cards down, several hundred more to go!

Remember back on June 15th 2007 when I posted about GPUReview's 5,000th video card being added to the database? Well here we are 588 days later with 8,000 video cards under our belt and it feels pretty good. Just think, pretty soon I will be able to use the classic "IT'S OVER 9,000!" joke. I can't wait.

In my 5,000th video card post I mentioned the retail video card search was in development. Well I am going to give you guys the address for that search page right now. Ignore that warning that appears below the search box. That error message is there because there is nothing in the search box yet. Once you enter something in the box and click the search button everything will be cool. You can use this search page to do things like find all the Asus magic cards or all the HIS IceQ cards. Since I often listen bundled games in the card names, you can even use this search to find all the cards that come bundled with games like Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty 4, or even Mirror's Edge. I will make sure that Mike provides a link to this search page so you guys don't need to bookmark it.

As always, Mike is making dozens of improvements to the site. Chief among them is a brand new color scheme and a more flexible layout. I have seen his work in progress, and it looks damn good so far. I am not sure when the resdesign will be launched, but I can say that it will happen this year. I'll get Mike to make an estimate...

And lastly, here is the hard proof of our 8,000ness:

8,000 proof

UPDATE: When I put the screws to Mike, he told me that he hopes the new site will be done by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2009. And our Q2 is not some messed up financial year quarter. We here at GPUReview define a year as all the days between January 1st to December 31st.

Mike has removed the error message from the Retail Search page and he said he will put a link to that page on the search page that you can access from the Search Cards link on the menu.

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