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nVidia Unveils Quad-SLi

For those of you who managed to miss this story yesterday, you'll definitely want to head on over to PC Perspective and read up on nVidia's new Quad-SLi setup they're showing off in a Dell machine at CES.


Face-Lift for the Card Pages

I finally got the new card pages online that I've been working on for several weeks now. This is the first of many major improvements I have planned, and I'm happy I got them done before school starts getting hectic again. New features include the ability to overclock, enable pipelines, and place the cards in multi-gpu configurations. The rating system has also been extended since I have been getting a really good response with that. You can now rate cards in 6 different categories.

ATi Launches the X1900 Series

This morning the NDAs lift on ATi's latest entry into the high-performance segment: the X1900 XTX. Along with the XTX ('Platinum Edition' isn't cool anymore) we have the regular XT, the X1900 CrossFire Edition, and the All-In-Wonder X1900. Links to the individual card pages are below, lots of reviews are already showing up. Enjoy:

X1900 XTX

X1900 XT

X1900 CrossFire

All-In-Wonder X1900
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