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...and 4 days later, BFG performed their greatest miracle yet.

BFG is obviously not satisfied with loyal customers because they are on their way to developing a massive following of completely devoted worshippers. This just in, all followers that register their BFG cards and are members of the BFG church will be eligible for tax exempt status by 2012.

Like Jesus, BFG is performing a transformation miracle for their children, but instead of turning water into wine, they are turning AGP video cards into PCI-E video cards! All that is required for us to behold this miracle is to have our BFG AGP video cards registered and in good working condition. That sounds much easier than living a life of righteousness, prayer and self sacrifice.

And much like Moses, BFG hath delivered unto us their divine wisdom in the form of this electronic stone tablet. BEHOLD!


BFG is super neato burrito.

If any of you experience this miracle first hand, please tell us all about it by leaving a comment or sending us an email.

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