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AMD launches the first 40nm video card, the HD 4770.

Late last night I noticed that four HD 4770s appeared on Newegg and I knew what that meant. It meant that today would be launch day. At this point I have added the RV740 chip and the HD 4770 to the database and I have hooked up the four models that Newegg has in stock. I will be adding more card and reviews to the database all day long so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some handy Newegg links for your consuming pleasure:

 Gigabyte HD 4770 $109.99 
 HIS HD 4770 $99.99 After Rebate  
 PowerColor HD 4770 $99.99 After Rebate 
 Sapphire HD 4770 $99.99 After Rebate 

Sapphire HD 4770

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