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AMD is dropping lots of news, and some of it is hot.

According to VR-Zone the 'release' of the HD 7970 will happen in two days. Apparently this only be a paper launch so don't expect to actually be able to buy the card until January 9th. Here is a leaked slide to whet your appetite:


Leaked HD 7970 slide from OBR-HARDWARE

Oh you want some more leaked slides? I wish I could help you out.

In other news, the HD 7970 returns a number value in 3DMark 11 that is larger than the HD 6970 but smaller than the HD 6990, which I think is kinda lame.

In other other news, the HD 7770 has been spotted with its cooling solution both on and off.

And lastly, that HD 6930 is kinda sorta being launched. Apparently this card will only show up in a few countries and only a few manufacturers actually bothered making an English version of their press release. I will keep the card listed on the site unless it is never possible to buy the card at a US or UK website.

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