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AMD announces DirectX 10.1 for 3 games that no one cares about.

I just saw this press release over at Kotaku about DirectX 10.1 from AMD. In this press release they list three totally obscure PC games that you have probably never heard of. To demonstrate just how little gamers care about these games, I have included their Game Stats popularity rankings.  

Stormrise GPM = 0% | Overall GPM Ranking #37,854 | Within PC Library #8897

BattleForge GPM = .2% | Overall GPM Ranking #2,297 | Within PC Library #274

Cloud 9 is not on Game Stats and when I searched Google for "NHN Games Cloud 9", the first 3 pages are all sites that picked up the press release that I am talking about. NHN Games is a Korean game developer and I can't find any information about Cloud 9 written in English. I am sure Cloud 9 is going to be huge in the states you guys!

After some extensive searching I have located NHN Games' USA site...that does not list any of the PC MMO games it is "known" for... including Cloud 9. 

DirectX 10.1 is shaping up to be a super important feature. Oh wait, no it's not! I was wrong.

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