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AMD and Nvidia tell us about their 3D junk.

Nvidia has released details about how they plan to bring 3D content from your Nvidia powered PC to your 3D capable HDTV using their exisiting 3D Vision kit. Current 3D Vision kit owners will get a free copy of the 3DTV Play software which will allow your PC (with a 3D Blu-ray disc player and GeForce graphics) to output 3D data to your 3D ready HDTV through a HDMI 1.4 cable. What I am wondering is if the 3D Vision emitter will be used in this setup or if the emitter on the 3D HDTV (or either) will be used. I am also wondering if this means that I can use my 3D Vision glasses with my PlayStation 3. I will make sure to ask Nvidia these questions when I talk to them at PAX East.

On the flip side, AMD has released a slide that says they are planning on developing active and passive shutter glasses and emitters. They are championing an 'open stereoscopic 3D initiative'. We should all hope they come up with something that will create some good competition in the 3D PC/HDTV space.

UPDATE 3-18-10

I just talked to Nvidia on the phone about something and while I had their attention I asked them some things about their 3DTV Play stuff. The emitter on the 3D HDTV is always the emitter being used. Right now the only 3D glasses that work with a Panasonic 3D HDTV are made by Panasonic (so Nvidia glasses will not work). These two facts combined mean that Nvidia glasses cannot be used with the PlayStation 3.


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