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Advanced Options

The "Advanced Options" section allows you to do several things. First it lets you simulate overclocking a card and how that will change the cards' specifications. Secondly it will allow you to simulate enabling any disabled pipelines in a card. Lastly it gives you the option to double the specifications of the card as though the card were in a multi-gpu configuration like SLi or CrossFire.

The overclocking tab gives you control of both the memory and core clock. You can increase the clock speed of either the core or memory incrementally by clicking on the + button (or decrease using the - button). The color slider is used as a guide just to give inexperienced users an idea of what a realistic overclock might be. We do not currently keep statistics on the overclocking characteristics of individual cards.

The pipeline tab gives you a single button to enable/disable disabled pipelines on a given card. This is absolutely not guaranteed to work and in some cases it guaranteed to not work, but the option is provided anyway for curiosity sake.

The multi-gpu tab lets you double the specs of a card to simulate multi-gpu configurations. However, this is mostly just silliness. So many things can affect the capabilities of a multi-gpu configuration that these specifications are useful for little more than a rough estimate of performance. 

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